Design of kitchen kit - part 1

In the following articles we want to explain how to make a full kitchen step by step.


It will be explained the most important options that Pripravto can offer in the procedure of furniture manufacturing. Our objective will be produce this kitchen kit:

This kit is composed by four products, plus walls and models. We will see how to make the different products. In this first article we will make the following product.


This product is the biggest one of the kit, it needs 11 parts to make it and is a very easy construction. For make it we will follow the next steps:



Name of product:

Put a selected name for the product. In this instance n199_8.

Size settings:

In this option we select size= [3000, 900, 510] which means width, height, depth and units are in mm.


Pripravto count with a big database of materials, where you can select the material you prefer for construction.For choose it is only needed copy the number of materials. In our case, construction material will be 8312 and front material H1952.

Adding parts:

For adding parts we should know that for make the furniture correctly on Pripravto we should make the construction from outside to inside. There are plenty of ways how to make this part, we will explain today one kind but in other articles we will make different options.


  1. Adding sides:

    add top, right, left, base and back sides. This will make the basic cube of the construction. In this instance, we want to modify the top part for make thicker and longer the kitchen counter-top. For that we should click the key with shape of wrench of the top element, and then we will see the following options:

    • diff:
      this key makes differences in axes. So we should know how many mm we want to make bigger the top and in which axes. In this example is [0,0,-20,0,0,0]; this means that the top part will be bigger in 20 mm in the axes [0,0, Y front, 0, 0, 0].
    • size: for select the new size of the top, in this case [45]mm.
    • Finally, is needed click save for saving results.
  1. Add vertical and horizontal dividers:

    Firstly we want to make 4 horizontal divisions, we will choose add_dividers and array_dist = 4, this will make 4 spaces numbered from 0 to 4. we want to divide this spaces into other new spaces. For that, we choose again add_dividers, but this time is need-ed change the configuration in the wrench key as it is shown in the image.

  • Area_id=[0,1,2,3,4], the areas what we want to divide.
  • Array_dist= [4,1], we want to make one area 4 times bigger than the other, the bigger area will be the bottom part.
  • Typ=C this configuration select the kind of division (horizontal, vertical...etc). In this example, C division is horizontal.
  • For finishing we click save and we will have several new spaces with their respective numbers.
  1. Add doors:

    we will choose Add_doors and we will select the empty areas where we want to put doors, for instance [5,9,13] and a number of 2 doors. This will add two doors in the selected areas.

  2. Add shelves:

    With add_shelves we will add shelves in the same areas where we put the doors before. So areas [5,9,13] and we will select the number of shelves we want, in this case 2. Is important this order for making the design, as it was said before inner parts of the furniture will be made in the last ones.

  3. Add drawers:

    we will click on add_drawers two times, because there are two kind of different drawers:

    • First ones will be in all the small upper spaces (areas= [6, 8, 10, 12, 14]), with a number of 1 drawer per space.
    • Second ones will be in the biggest spaces (areas=[7,11]) and with number of 3 drawers for every space.

Construction process step by step

data/blog/maria/1.png data/blog/maria/2.png data/blog/maria/3.png data/blog/maria/4.png data/blog/maria/5.png data/blog/maria/6.png


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