Design of kitchen kit - part 2

In this article wr will explain hot to make the upper cabinet of our kitchen kit.

this shows upper cabinet from pripravto

This product is composed by different elements: basic, backside, doors, shelves, dividers and frame. For construct it we will follow the next steps:

this shows upper cabinet drawing from pripravto


this shows

Name of product:

We will select the product name. In this instance UppCab.

Size settings:

In this option we select size= [2000, 600, 480] which means width, height, depth and units are in mm.


We will select the material for construction. For choose we will copy the number of materials. In our case, the material will be H1952 for construction and for front.

Adding parts:

In this point, again we will construct the furniture from outside to inside. Today we will show a different way how to do it, you can choose the way which will fit more to your way of construction.


  1. Adding sides:

    Add basic: The basic element will make a basic shape, with the predefined size of (2000mm width, 600mm height, 480mm depth). This command would be equivalent to add left, right, top and base sides separately.


If it would be needed, it would be possible to edit characteristics of every element in the ** wrench key**. Add backside: Still is needed to cover the back part, and for this we add backside. Now we got the basic external shape of our product.
  1. Add dividers:

    The dividers of this cabinet are pretty simple. We will select add_dividers and in the array_dist we will select the number of divisions that we want. In this instance, we want 2 divisions. Remember, 2 divisions makes 3 free spaces, numbered from 0 to 2!

  2. Add doors:

    Now we will add doors in a selected area. For that we select add_doors* and then we can see that the app ask us about the **area_id and the number of doors. We will write in our example, area number 1 and just 1 door. We can edit the position of the handle clicking on the wrench key and selecting handleHeight -> down, handleOrientation -> Horizontal and handleSize -> MID.

  1. Add frame:

    The frame element is not visible in the line of most frecuent elements. So we should add it in a different way, firsly we should add the frame clicking Add new and look for add_frame, select it and click + Add. (Look the figure)


Finally is needed to choose the area of inserction (area_id = 0) and material that fill the frame, for us it will be glass. So we select the wrench key and we look for the option mat_fill and we should write GLASS.



There are plenty of editation options in the elements, we can adapt the element to every design we would like to do using this editation options.
  1. Add shelves:

    The final step of this product is the addition of shelves. We will do it in two parts because we are going to modified the material of one of them.

    • First shelve: We will select add_shelve and select the id_area number =>[0,1] and the number of shelves =>[1].
    • Second shelve: We will add the shelve and open the wrench key. In the editation options it will be selected the id_area number 2, a number of shelves of 1 and in mat we will select the material number 8312 (which was used in the previous article).

Construction process step by step

data/blog/maria/drawing1.png data/blog/maria/drawing2.png data/blog/maria/drawing3.png data/blog/maria/drawing4.png data/blog/maria/drawing5.png


Maria 2016-02-29

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