Design of kitchen kit - part 3

In this new article we are going to make the las two cabinets of the kitchen.


This cabinets are quite easy to make and they can be made just in some minutes.


Cabinet 1

This cabinet is just composed by a basic contruction and drawers. So we are only going to set the name, sizes and materials. Finally, is just needed to add basic and add 3 drawers.


When you dont choose id_area the element will be added to all product.

Cabinet 2

This cabinet also is very easy and fast to produce, but the only problem is the configuration of the divisions. Is needed to make two empty holes to install the oven and microwave in this cabinet. For its construction, as always, we will set the name, sizes and materials as is shown in the image.


Then we will:

  1. Add_basic:

    Without any other configuration.

  2. Add dividers:

    In this case with the special division of [1, 3, 2, 3]. Remember that the order of division goes from bottom to top.


In the case of knowing the specific size of the microvawe, oven or any other appliance to be included in the cabinet it is posible to make division according to milimiters. For example, [100,150,60] where the first space will have size of 100mm, second 150mm and third 60mm. When we make settings as [1,2,3] we are talking about proportions.

  1. Add drawers:

    In the area 0, and with just 1 drawer in number.

  2. Add doors:

    In the area 3, and 1 door.

  3. Add shelves:

    We will add shelves in the area where is the door. This means, area 3 and 2 shelves.


Remember, first is needed to make the door and after the shelve. Otherwise the shelve will fullfill the space that should occupy the door. And they will overlap.

Construction technical drawing

data/blog/maria/drawing1.png data/blog/maria/drawing2.png

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