Design kitchen with use of planview

Hello again!Today I am going to explain how to assemble the kitchen and prepare it for its visualization


Once we had the products we will click on PLANVIEW, then we will be able to see a window with all our products. At first sight they will be one over other. But we are able to move them easily and intuitively with the mouse.

Before assemble the kitchen it will be explained the planview application in general. For that, we will need the help of the following image:


Group 1

This group of buttons are used for editing the sizes of products and move them around the window.

Group 2

This two options will add a camera for visualization and walls for prepare the enviromnent of the room.
I you put the mouse arrow over the icon, you will be able to see an
explanation about the function of the button.

Group 3

This group of buttons will save the current project and update the page. Also is the help button, where you can find a list of shortcuts.

Group 4

This group of buttons are related to the single product itself. When a product is selected this buttons will act only on this selected item. It will be possible to save, delete, copy, updates or add to the product construction application for make needed modifications.

Group 5

This buttons are relative to the position (x,y,z), size (x,y,z) and rotation (x,y,z) of the product which is in the upper tab. Lastly, there are an option to make zoom with move line

Group 6

The last group of buttons is about the different kinds of visualization available in Pripravto (SVG,camera, 3D) and for saving general visualization. Immediately after it is possible to see a small window where will be possible to see the visualizations.

There are several option of SVG visualization in the tab SVG view, for example SVG camera, top, front etc.

There is not just one way how to use this groups of buttons, so you can assemble the products in several ways and we recommend the user try to construct the following planview.


For get this construction it will be necessary manage practically all the group of buttons and logically the mouse for positioning every product in the selected place.


All furniture is located originally in the height 0, it is the floor. This means that cabinets that are on walls should be repositioned in pos_z.

Finally, when all products are selected as the user wants it will be clicked Save and Viz then we will be able to see how our kitchen looks.


If you dont press save relative to all the construction (Group 3) or (Group 6) you wont be able to see the changes. Rememeber that save of (Group 4) is just saving changes of one product.

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