Design of kitchen kit - part 5 outputs and cut plans

In previous articles we already made the kitchen design and visualization. Now we are going to see what Pripravto can offer order to construct it.


This article will mostly focus on outputs, which will be usefull when you will want to make and construct your designs.

Bill of Materials

In the main order window is possible to obtain the Bill of Materials (BOM), which will describe the materials that had been used in a .csv file. These outputs are adjustable for user, to get their own type of outputs, which they need.



In the upper-right part is possible to see the symbol $ Calc. With this option we will see all the objects and elements that compones our kitchen and the calculation of its price in CZK. This part will be updated from CZK to € soon. Type of calculation can be changed directly in settings. Prices of materials should be updated from user, to get correct calculation output.


The price of items such as TV, microwave are not included and this data can be exported in csv file or directly printed by clicking on button or by option in browser.


Also in the upper-right part is possible to see Optim. When clicking this option we will see the optimization of all parts of the kitchen. For its use in the construction. Cut plans are created by taking first diffrent materials, dividing parts by specified thicknesses and then putting parts into sheets.


We have several information here, for example a summary of the order (nº of elements, the lenght of cuts, % of use), the images of the optimization and detailed information about the optimization. This data can be exported in csv file and printed.


If you do not like produced cut plans, you can start to adjust them by changing fixed orientation parts or try to use several extensions, which we provide to improve way, how optimization is created. Also settings offers some options, to tune up output.


Is possible to obtain a summary with all the information and images of the order, the program will download a pdf file with all the information.


In this window also is possible to take notes, make invoices and load or finalizate the order.

Pripravto have many more options! Which we invite you to investigate :)

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