Stairs and complete interior designs on Pripravto

It is already quite a time from when it is possible to create whole construsctions of furniture from windows, doors and other parts.

visualization design of interior with stairs

Well it is true that it is not complete CAD, but some parts are more straight forward.

This makes Pripravto quite usefull for wood joiners, cabinet-makers and other wood users which makes diffrent sortiment than furniture.

New interface for creation parametric constructions is now able to create quite complex asseblies for products. It is possible to create whole interior parts like walls and stairs. User can now in planview change design of walls and transfer between parts which are needed for calculation and also between parts which are mainly for decoration. Models can be used to even improve way how data are presented to user.

Current blog entry shows design with closets as custom cabinet and also wood construction for stairs. Stairs in current version automatic stairs are only as straight. But in future we expect that we it will be possible to even generate better version of stairs like little rounded and other parts. User can alredy select basic parameters like size of stairs set custom height or select height of stair step. Module then directly creates custom construction for each step and sides for stairs.

planview of design and view of parts for change size

When ever is user okay with new design, shapes and base settings of construction stairs, he can even manualy change construction in same way how he can do it with normal cabinets and furniture. For example set custom materials or manually change sizes of parts. For example user may need to manually extend last step to be connected with construction parts of building - eg. floor.

Pripravto then also creates parts of items, finish whole design for vizualization, which means that user can put his own design directly to scene add walls and other accessories.

This way joiner can be really fast to create all his plans, visualizations for his customer and sizes which are need for production planning, so he can start to buy parts and other stuff. When he will add also his normal overcut a set price calculation, he will be even able to automatically get prices and estimates for material which will be needed With this in mind joiner can directly switch from wood construction directly to panel construion in one interior and directly in one application.

front view of space with wood stairs and other parts like cabinets

At the end user can create SVG or DXF exports, which he can use to finaly adjust drawing documentation of whole design. In future we expect that this will be directly possible to do in Pripravto service to edit or adjust drawings.

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