Furniture designs and next year 2018

First, we would like to thank to our users and others who helps with this project for this whole year.


Also we would like to wish you a lot of successes in the next year. We hope to bring further improvements to Pripravto which will simplify the preparation of furniture production and design

Important milestones and changes in 2017:

  • greatly improved planview and manipulation with products
  • great deal of changes in construction and machining part
  • user interface of product creation now is much more easier to use and also offers ability to show edges
  • we have introduced options to transfer machining via CAM export for programs like WoodWOP, Maestro a NcHops. These can be found on machines HOMAG(WEEKE), SCM, and Holzher or Houfek CNC
  • improved options for custom construction
  • now Pripravto offers much wider options for changing shapes of parts
  • totally over 1400 changes and fixes

Now you can take a look on new functions which are planned for next year:

  • we are still on mission to improve machining (CAM a CNC)
  • there is still plenty places where user interface can be improved
  • creating joint intersections transfer joint to another parts > this will lead to much easier programming of joints
  • transfer system to be able to run on several servers at once
  • prepare slim version of Pripravto for eshops

In case of questions, your ideas or some other kinds of interest, please contact us.

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