What happend in 2018 and plan for 2019 for furniture production

For first we would like to thank our users and all others, which give us feedback.


In new year we would like to see that you will still use our service and you will like it. Our targets are to show big companies, that service with quality for furniture design and production could be for reasonable price and can offer options similar to expensive programs. In next sections we would like to make an overview of latest improvements which are mostly related to shapes and machining, also to construction of furniture.

Main changes in year 2018

  • we have added several new constructions of drawers like Hettich, Strong, Blum
  • we have added variable construction of drawer (this one is useful when you want to make your design)
  • new joints for hinges like Haffele/Blum and others
  • through time we have added several different joints and added automatic searching for joints
  • numbers of ours integrated postprocessors were increased by SCM Xilog/Maestro and ISO CNC control, also other postprocessors were improved
  • we have improved drawings and 3D view/material removal/ and we are testing simple 3d machining simulation
  • construction and design and GUI of product create was cleaned and in some ways simplified
  • currently product also offers options to get automatic dimensions and describe product, also new measurement in planview with angles
  • we are testing options for simple nesting for Pripravto which would output NC code
  • also we have several new add-ons like simulation, nesting, compare orders/projects, easier to use mass product update, copy of products, and improved custom reports)

Plans for year 2019

  • improve machining to state where it will not be needed always select parts where machining should occur
  • improve outputs for CNC to allow control over tool ordering
  • add new options for visualizations to allow better outputs
  • officially add simulation and also add machining with material removal
  • prepare for integration of simple nesting directly into Pripravto
  • add more functions for shapes and machining in other planes/axis
  • option to use shapes on doors and door shapes profile manipulation

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