Ansiblator - why we use Ansible and what is Ansiblator

Because we are using Ansible for some time, and we are using it mainly inside python, we have planned to make it more easier for our needs. Ansible itself is really good, mainly when used with playbooks, but for our automatic configuration, it was never good, so we have tried Salt-stack and Fabric.


This article is quite old. Please do not follow it > we do not use it anymore.

Salt-stack is really good, but instalation, process is quite long. For ansible it's quite similiar, if you compare it with Fabric. So the question was, how to make ansible even simpler and yes still being really good.

And for that we have started to work on simple wrapper, which would make Python api more easier and from that Ansiblator came from.

You can try it just by writing:

pip install ansiblator

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