Construction and shape production

In last days we have spent our time in working on improving our service, ability, to show data, making it easier for users and improving user interface. For most of use-cases, we have solution which works - like design and so on.


Design process on Pripravto seems to be quite fast and easy. When it is combined with new plan view option, it seems to be quite okay.

But for today we are bringing two new big improvements! First one is about already mentioned plan view which now has more options and shows data like cameras and so on in much better way than before.


Second improvement is much more important for practical usecase. It is base support for shapes, manufacturing and vizualization of shapes. It is still partial, but some work is already being done on this field. You can take a look on previous image, where you can see bottom cabinets in kitchen, where the middle one has cut in shelves and top and bottom parts.

This new innovation is built on previously used parts for joints, which was already present, for dowel joints, dovetails and so on. But in reality they were not used. Now this is changed, with this release we offer base support for shapes cuts, with unlimited shape. Shape must consist from lines and arcs, now you can use 2 base shapes like facet and corner cut.


To create cut, you need to enter part details in product. There, you can select Cut option in menu. This will add new construction part into the design area. Details can be normally changed in Key.

In details you can select several new options and variations eg. move cut to different origin, increase size of cut, move it and so on. After creating product again, it is needed to activate and update data for shapes and joints in Production, where you just have to update. This leads to automatic update and then images, drawings and visualization should have cut or some other parts.

Base drawing still does not have these options, but we are working on that. We hope that changes what we have introduced today, will be useful for users and that this will make Pripravto better service again.

Product Description


  • size=[900, 900, 2200]
  • rotation=[0, 0, 0]
  • position=[3600, 1180, 0]
  • material=5500

Left part

  • diff=[0, 0, 300, 0, 0, 0]

Back part

  • diff=[300, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0]
  • plane=2
  • drazky=0
  • material=H3702
  • thickness=18

Bottom part

Top part

Back part

  • drazky=0

Back part

  • drazky=0
  • planes=1


  • zadani=2

normal cut

  • Origin=None
  • index=None
  • tool_side=None
  • tool_number=None
  • final_depth=None
  • number=None
  • process_type=None
  • position=None
  • joint=None
  • shape=None
  • x_mirror=None
  • y_mirror=None
  • planes=None
  • y=None
  • x=None
  • save=None
  • rotation=None
  • size=None

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