Create your Tetris shaped shelves closets

Pripravto is more than a furniture design app. With Pripravto you can make a lot of things you can imagine, in this case we have done closets and shelves which you can use as furniture parts.


If you are interested in information about creator and possible game variants take a look on

This game parts could be a perfect for you and your family. A great birthday gift for your children! For designing these parts it is needed to make all game pieces as product. These are traditionally a long stick I, profile T, box O, L profile and Z profile. Both L and Z profiles should be made in the normal shape and with mirror effect shape.

Now we will explain how to make pieces. Following the steps you will get the pieces:). Important concept for make the products were the division and the creation of new areas when the division is made. Once you master that concept make this construction will turn to really easy work.

Long stick I


Probably this is one of the easiest pieces to make, together with the box. Just is needed to follow these steps:

  1. Set the size: 1200x300x300 mm (width, height and thickness)
  2. Add right, left, top and bottom panels.
  3. Finally, we made 3 divisions (input=3) in all the area, and it was set back panels in the empty areas [0, 1, 2, 3]. Also is possible just set the back panel without divisions, but the appearance would be more plane.

Box O


The steps to follow for making the box are very easy, based on make a box's shape and divide the inner part for add the back panels. However, our methodology is not the only one, the box can be made easily just adding the basic shape.

  1. Set the general box size 600x600x300 mm
  2. Add lateral panels to all the work area. These were right, left, top and bottom panels. Was not needed to set the id of the area, because we are referring to all the work area.

Use two divisions:

Vertical division, this division was configured with the wrench key. We should select typ is set to vertical and part to no as we do not need part itself. The id is all the work area, consequently is not needed to set it. With this division we created two areas 0 and 1.

Horizontal division of the areas 0 and 1. Again we should set the division with the wrench key same as in previous point. But this time id= [0,1] and input=1 (one equal division).

Add back panels in areas id=[2, 3, 4, 5].

furniture drawing of tetris block

If you want to make all other next parts, you can continue with rest of article which is on wiki In the next article we will use the function mirror and we will prepare a visualization of the finishing of the shapes and closet. See you next time :)


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