Design of livingroom furniture

In the following article it will be described how we can make the following livingroom furniture.


Firstly, for making any kind of furniture we should start a new order (upper part- right side). In the figure we can see that exist the option to create new customer. Clicking on this we can fill our customer data, these data will be saved for a later user. And when making invoices or summary, data of our customer will be included in. For starting our new desing we still should fill data about our design and create it.


For creating a desing we should click on +Product. The creation of this design has two parts: (1) the woodwall and (2) the drawers.



Firstly, we should fulfill some information and external size of the wall.

  1. Name of the product.
  2. Exterior dimensions of the product. In our designs are: width= 2200, height=1700 and depth=50.
  3. Position could be 0 in all (x,y,z) coordinates.
  4. Materials of construction can be selected according to your own aesthetic tastes, in our case it was F428 (for more matherials visit the database).

Then we will add the necesary parts or elements:

  1. Create the divisions for the wood pieces:

    add_dividers with an array_distance of 5. This will divide the space in 6 identical parts. Clicking in the key settings we can select the type of division, horizontal division is C.

  2. Add back:

    We will select area_id = True, which will fill all spaces. The key settings were a size of 50 mm for the material and diff = [0,0,0,0,10,10] which mades a interspace between woodpieces.



Like always, is needed to fulfill the name and other info about the furniture.

  1. Name of the product.
  2. Exterior dimensions of the product. In our designs are: width= 1800, height=600 and depth=450.
  3. Position could be 0 in all (x,y,z) coordinates.
  4. Materials = F428 (for more matherials visit the database).
  1. Add diffs:

    With add_diffs we will make an space which will separate the drawer from the floor. Chosing key settings it will be added a diff =[0,0,0,0,100,0]

  2. Add top:

    With this the top part of the construction was added. Its size was 50mm. (keysettings)

  3. Add dividers:

    It was made the horizontal division with an array_dist of 2 (make 3 spaces with same dimensions), with a thickness of 50mm and type of division B (horizontal). This creates the areas 0,1 and 2.

  1. Add diffs:

    A space, in the top horizontal part of the construccion, of 200mm (diff=[0,0,0,0,0,200]) was added in the areas [0,1,2].

  2. Add cabinet sides:

    With several elements: (1)add top and (2)add base in the spaces [0,1,2]; side left in space 0 and side right in space 2.

  3. Add drawers:

    The drawers are finally added in the spaces [0,1,2].

In next article it will be explained how we can use the planview and other features that Pripravto have.


Maria 2016-09-09

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