Design of livingroom furniture II

Hello again!Today we will show you more features which Pripravto has. We will continue with the previous furniture construction.


One of the most important features on Pripravto is the Planview.



With Planview we will be able to manage the diferent products and make a scene with them (livingroom, bedroom, kitchen...), and finally visualize them. We can divide the planview in two different kinds of using:

  • Visualization of the scene:

    1. Visualization from the top (is the default plan visualization)
    2. Visualization from the front part
    3. Visualization from the side
  • Management of the products and creation of other items (walls and camera):

    1. In this toolbar it is possible to save changes, come back to product creation display, copy productos or create walls and camera
    2. Management of the product's location and its external size.
    3. Visualization of the scene in diferent ways ( general, svg and 3D)

We invite you to play with the planview and discover all the options that can offer for make our customized scene.


Within the calculation menu, we can obtain a detailed information about how much it will cost the designed furniture. As in every calculation, we count with fixed (materias) and not fixed (handwork) pricing, with Pripravto is possible to change the not fixed prices according to our needs. Also we can change the taxes, gain according to the requieriments of your country. Prices in this version are in Czech Crowns, but also is posible to update the database to another currency. Actually, we count with in case of be necessary.



The optimization will show us the product's cut plans. Also with a detailed explanation of how the material is used. Also is possible to manage this optimization according to your needs, for example in terms of orientation.


All this data can be exported and used in the real joinery.

Summary of the Order

When the order is finished, or we want to work with it later on. We have a powerful tool in within this display.


Here it is possible to make notes for the next working day, have a complete track of what we have done, also we can obtain summary of the order and make invoices.


Pripravto have several others features, like special algorithm for produce stairs, is posible to upload new materials, is compatible with profesional softwares such as Autocad and Alphacam. We encourage you to try the program by yourself, as explaining an application is more complicated than try and learn by your own experience :)


Maria 2016-09-16

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