Design furniture - oblique office desk

Hello again, today we will continue with design of furniture, mainly it's office desk with other parts like office cabinet with similar design. This office design will be from more components.


We will make them separately and then mode them and position them around central oblique office desk, which will use new functions of shape control. Main size of table will be about [1000, 1000, 750].

For production preparation and documentation of this kind of furniture, we need some parts, which will create our product. In most easiest way it is just 2 metal shaped profile legs and then desk itself. For complete documentation, we would also need some special furnishings or some other stuff.

To create it with our furniture designer we will just start adding division of space for legs and desk. Bottom part will be for legs and top for main desk with thickness around 50mm. After adding first leg, we will add second leg from different direction. After that we can add our shape for top desk part, with adding shape_cut with required definition of positions.


When using shape changes and some other functions which are making changes in elements, sometimes it is needed to update product. This is possible by clicking on Update button on product.

First inserted item will be division, which will vertically divide space and it will not insert parts with definition [1, 50]. Which means first part with calculated size and second with just 50mm . Into top area number 1* we will insert top desk and then we will also decrease size of bottom space 0 by diff [50, 50, 50, 50, 0, 0] which means by 50mm by all main sides.

Next development will be insert another division, but we will use trick for create 2 divisions from both sides, which will have same definition with [1, 50, 50], so we will create 3 spaces, where last 2 will have size of 50mm. This is place to insert our metal legs. For legs we will just use special add_frame, which inserts frame with customizable definitions. After that we just have to position them into both spaces to create the cross of legs on image.

Last part to finish this office table, is to use production for shapes. To do it easily, just add object add_shape_cut or find top part in parts and click on Cut option. If this object is added to changes on product, you just have to set type of cut to be diagonal and set position of cut.

After creating product, it might be needed to update product by clicking on button update on overview of products in selected order. In next blog entry we will create cabinet for this table or maybe you will be able to do it yourself.


For this material calculation we should probably more precisely set material specification, and set type of prices for metal construction and set better edging and make some refinements.

Piece Type Unit Qty Price Total
30_162 mat m2/m3 0.36 283.00 101.98
50_5500 mat m2/m3 1.17 344.00 402.48
Z_30_162 edge m 6.64 28.30 187.91
Z_50_5500 edge m 1.06 34.40 36.46
KOL other pcs 45 0.50 22.50
CNC prod s 1.31 25.00 32.70
COATING prod s 0.0 15.00 0.00
EDGEBANDER prod s 2.62 20.00 52.32
HAND prod s 3.92 8.00 31.39
SAW prod s 1.31 23.00 30.08
gain none % 0.3 897.83 269.35
vat none % 0.21 1167.18 245.11
total none   1 0.00 1412.29

Complete product specification


  • size=[1000, 1000, 750]
  • rotation=[0, 0, 0]
  • position=[-690, 1000, 0]
  • mat=5500


  • typ=C
  • part=False
  • array_dist=[1, 50]


  • area_id=1
  • size=50


  • diff=[50, 50, 50, 50, 0, 0]
  • area_id=0


  • area_id=0
  • part=False
  • array_dist=[1, 50, 50]


  • typ=A
  • area_id=0
  • part=False
  • array_dist=[1, 50, 50]


  • area_id=4
  • mat=162
  • insert_fill=False
  • low_profile=False
  • planes=1
  • thick=30


  • area_id=7
  • mat=162
  • insert_fill=False
  • low_profile=False
  • planes=2
  • thick=30


  • origin=0
  • index=stul_sikmy_0_HP
  • y_dist=800
  • tool_side=right
  • x_dist=800

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