Development of service and community

In past we have not written much about development of service and also about possible modifications for users and community. So we will try to fix this a little by this blog entry.

Our target is to make service as best and as useful as it can be for users and joiners all around the world. This journey takes together main development of service and building community of users and propagation of service.

For this step we are planning to join community with our development and make the service mainly for users. First step is to show parts of our development.

Development, community and contact

Last month we have successfully transferred our source code to new version control system called Mercurial. This should open us more possibilities. Together with this move we have moved into new platform for code called There is also place for issues and improvements.


For future we are planning to open new open-source API for service and possibility to make parametrical products, which was not possible to make directly in service.


Zdeněk Dlauhý 20-04-2015

Preparation, production, furniture and interiors. Service - prepare technical documentation for furnture production.

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