QCad and Blender with Připravto.cz

When using připravto is advantageous and sometimes advisable to use other programs for functionality which is not available in Pripravto. Then combine their capabilities and to help the user create the necessary result. In the case of carpenters or joiners and furniture designers the most important part is the drawing documentation, visualization and also production engineering.

The service makes some part of the documentation automatically, but sometimes it is not sufficient, therefore it is possible to enhance automatic drawings with program QCad program which is awailable for users. This program is designed for drawing drawing documentation mainly in 2D perfectly complements the automatic documentation in 3D and 2D of service, which is available in DXF format.

Similarly, it is possible to improve the quality of visualizations involving Blender http://blender.org, . By downloading prepared product model example and enhacing visualization.

Preparation, production, furniture and interiors. Service Pripravto.cz - prepare technical documentation for furnture production.

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