Design your own kitchen with construction

This design of kitchen space with furniture. It is show case of usage with shapes for manufacturing, e.g.. diagonal cut on the top of each wall cabinets.


This assembly of kitchen, is made from several separated cabinets like top wall, bottom wall and also corner cabinets, which connects two sides together. To make this process easy and fast we have used plan view to make position adjustments of cabinets. This makes it easy to orient inside of the whole system and also it helps you with orientation of camera and other parts like walls.


Work on this space with kitchen is now much easier and faster also quicker because of plan layout view, where user can just prepare their parts/products/furniture design for e.g.. bottom cabinet or wall cabinet. Then after finishing his design, he can move and distribute or change position of products around place. Then he can add camera or wall to add better feel of surrounding space. Wall objects can be also edited like products, so they can contain more divisions or slopes.


Finished product shows parts of new options on shapes in current version. They will be much better in newer version with direct shape editing option.

Current version also has better and faster automated visualization. Now you can set better quality, add automated lights, use global illumination, or also shapes can now be on all parts with custom rotation.

For better improvements in visualization quality - realistic render, it is possible, to choose different render option CYCLES and add more samples which will lead into better renders. These settings can be save locally into browser settings, which will make it easier and faster to change them.

Item Type Unit Number Price Total
18_5500 mat m2/m3 27.32 344.00 9397.93
36_101 mat m2/m3 3.09 166.00 512.74
5_101 mat m2/m3 5.1 166.00 846.84
Z_18_5500 olep m 49.97 34.40 1719.04
Z_36_101 olep m 4.52 16.60 75.03
KOL ostat pcs 300 0.50 150.00
NOSICE ostat pcs 72 0.50 36.00
UCHYTKA ostat pcs 4 50.00 200.00
ZAVES ostat pcs 20 17.30 346.00
CNC vyro s 23.49 25.00 587.15
COATING vyro s 0.0 15.00 0.00
EDGEBANDER vyro s 46.97 20.00 939.44
HAND vyro s 70.46 8.00 563.66
SAW vyro s 23.49 23.00 540.18
gain   % 0.3 15914.01 4774.20
vat   % 0.21 20688.21 4344.52
total     1 0.00 25032.73

Here is list of data to make similar design:


  • size=[400, 400, 600]
  • rotation=[0, 0, 0]
  • position=[610, -1420, 1600]
  • mat=5500




  • diff=None
  • mat=5500
  • thickness=18


  • number=1


  • origin=0
  • index=[1, 3]
  • y_dist=200
  • mirror_x=False
  • mirror_y=False
  • x_dist=200


  • origin=1
  • index=[0, 2]
  • y_dist=200
  • x_dist=200

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