This is API connector to https://www.pripravto.cz service for furniture makers. You should be able to use it to create your custom designs for furniture, download data and eventually build your partial interface. Connector is built on HTTP GET and POST methods and it uses your account on service.


Just head oved to your account and > go Editor, where you can already use it.


First you should get your account on https://pripravto.cz service, when you will have it Login normally into service. Then you can start by opening Python console and importing ocapi in Pripravto.cz Editor:

import ocapi.api as oc
import math
args = {'name':'test2','position':[0,0,0],'size':[1000,1000,1000]}
#set your user credentials here
prod = oc.CabinetMaker(args, username="test",password="test")
for i in range(36):
    size = [18,math.sin(math.radians(i*10))*50+80,18]
    rot = [0,0,10+i*2]

This is partial example which will show you base usage of this api. This will create serries of elements which are sized by sin function and rotated by series of iteration.

To build something more usefull you can make first base cabinet by just writing down one function:

args = {'name':'cabinet2','position':[0,0,0],'size':[600,600,1000]}
#build our base parts
#add doors

After data creation you can also check what kind of data you have created on service itself and also download images and so on.

Username and password are specified at start of object:

prod = oc.CabinetMaker(args, username="test",password="test", host="test.pripravto.cz")
#your username and password is from pripravto account

For complete registration process you need your functional e-mail address and fill out data required by registration. You should keep your user credentials secret. For examples what can be built on this api connector take a look on https://www.pripravto.cz/en/blog where we put examples.

More comples example can be:

args = {'size': [1200, 600, 900], 'thickConstr': 18, 'frontOut': True, 'socle': 0, 'doorShift': 0, 'matConstr': '45', 'elementInfo': {'fittings': {'KOL': 5}, 'production': {'EDGEBANDER': 2, 'HAND': 3, 'SAW': 1, 'CNC': 1, 'COATING': False}, 'group': 'spodni_2', 'visibility': 'NORMAL', 'block': True}, 'position': [2700, 0, 0], 'rotation': [-30, 0, 0], 'matFront': 'U625', 'name': 'spodni_2'}
spodni_2 = oc.CabinetMaker(args, username="test",password="test")
spodni_2.add_frame(info=None,area_id=None,thick_fill=None,mat=45,diff_fill=[0, 0, 5, 0, 0, 0],insert_fill=False,width=150,mat_fill=None,low_profile=False,planes=4,diff=[0, 50, 50, 0, 0, 0],thick=18,save=True,order=[0, 2, 1])
spodni_2.add_dividers(info=None,area_id=None,array_dist=[2, 1],mat=None,part_size=None,thickness=None,part=False,diff=None,save=True,typ='B',areas=True)
spodni_2.add_shelve(info=None,area_id=True,mat=None,number=[4, 4, 5],diff=None,rotation=None,save=True,size=None)
spodni_2.add_doors(info=None,area_id=0,handleHeight='TOP',mat=None,grains=True,handleSize=[160, 25, 5],stacking='HORIZONTAL',number=2,door_type='AUTOMAT',handleSide=None,diff=None,handleOrientation='VERTICAL',pars_front=[3, 3, 3, 3, 3],save=True,handlePos=[50, 50])
spodni_2.add_doors(info=None,area_id=1,handleHeight='TOP',mat=None,grains=True,handleSize=[160, 25, 5],stacking='HORIZONTAL',number=1,door_type='AUTOMAT',handleSide=None,diff=None,handleOrientation='VERTICAL',pars_front=[3, 3, 3, 3, 3],save=True,handlePos=[50, 50])

This example creates base part for kitchen and it has several other items, which are generated on the fly by oc service.

If you want to set your crendentials to be all the time in your way, just make subclass to CabinetMaker and set your default parameters in init.

More documantation for pripravto service or about this plase see web page or oc.CabinetMaker class.

Other data

It should be also possible to download other images like optimalization and vizualization from server. Possible solution is to use it like this.



You can contact us normally here via contact.

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