Optimization and cut plans

For effective furniture production cut plans are nesacary. Optimization of material usage is key from several points of view. From material usage, tool wearing up to time usage and speed of production.

In Pripravto service you can now make cut plans optimization based on information about part. These informations are mainly about sizes, materials, orientation and part thickness.


Pripravto service is able to make Optimization with several ways, set level of insertion, or make base nesting, For today's showcase, we will use already created order with kitchen and use just part of it.


Here we can already see some outputs of prepared optimization.

Material Quantity Cut length Part area Usage Usage +
38_F870 1 9.5 1.56 26.93 30.63
18_45 2 56.7 8.39 72.37 78.98
18_U625 1 17.9 1.83 31.57 34.33
5_101 1 20.9 2.9 50.08 53.44

You can prepare Optimization by clicking on Optim button on main screen or products screen. That will create evaluation of part or of order and then search through materials, for setting base formats of panels. When material is not found it will automatically pick base settings.

In settings you can also set distances of offcuts, direction of cuts and other stuff. Every plan has also some detailed information about cuts and parts inside of optimization, these are usually statistical information.

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