What does it mean parametric construction of furniture

The parametric design is a process based on algorithmic thinking that enables the expression of parameters and rules that, together, define, encode and clarify the relationship between design intent and design response [1]. In parametric design the relationship between elements is used to design complex constructions.

Pripravto use this kind of process for construct furniture, this mean that when selecting some easy variables such as [size, elements, materials, construction parts] is possible to create and obtain customized furniture. The user has complete control over the design and the construction, being possible unleash your creativity in matters of design.

As example, we have this kitchen product:


which is designed according to some different parameters


Just with changing, for example the size and materials, we can obtain a completely different cabinet but just with very easy adjustments.


But are possible more changes like quit, add, resize elements like doors, or drawers. Customization is infinite!

Pripravto also has extensions for construct other kinds of structures parametrically. The best example is the construction of stairs. In next figure it is observed the existence of some parameters to fulfil.


Once the selected parameters are computed by the algorithm a new construction of a stair comes.


There area other extensions like mirror the existing products or creating templates.

Pripravto has very hight versatility and flexibility, so the user can design their own products and even their own algorithms!

This parametric construction is unique in furniture production software, which makes Pripravto the first service to include it exclusively for furniture designers, joiners and woodworkers.

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[1] Jabi, Wassim (2013). Parametric Design for Architecture. London: Laurence King.

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