Use Pripravto to make your projects quickly - PF 2017

Thank You for cooperation in this year and we wish You a successful new year. We are happy that You are using service Připravto and by doing so participating in its development.


Important Připravto milestones in 2016:

  • improvements in planview and templates usage
  • presentation at Pragoligna trade show
  • sharing orders between users
  • faster render for large orders (5x)
  • more than 1500 changes and improvements.

What can you look forward to in 2017:

  • improvements for CAM and CNC
  • visible joints and operations in drawings
  • prepare your own drawings sets for order
  • update and addition of new materials and models
  • further improvements for planview + render models
  • creating scene animation

If You have any questions or own ideas how to improve Připravto, please contact us.

Preparation, production, furniture and interiors. Service - prepare technical documentation for furnture production.

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