Table design and plan view

For our next new table design on Pripravto, we have used just base divisions. Table is made from cube in working space with size of [500,500,500], which is divided into 3 parts by vertical division. For equal division of space without changes to front part, which is usually used for doors, you have to set frontOut to False. This will turn off settings for doors.


First elements which will be there will be top element with thickness set to 30 and specific material. For base vertical division we will use already mentioned division with type set to A. First division will create thirds and after that we will put inside these another division with type B. This will divide all areas to smaller segments.


After division we can add new separate shelves which we will put to every segment. This settings now creates new small table with a lot of small compartments, which can also be present table, when you remove top desk.

Last notice in this blog entry is update of plan view, which allows you to see plan view of your scene, modify position of products, rotate them and also change their size. When you change your scene to new layout you can just run Change command for every product and then you will have your scene with new settings. New layout is accessible from Overview when you click on Plan.



  • size=[500, 500, 500]
  • rotation=[90, 0, 0]
  • position=[2600, 790, 0]
  • mat=1738


  • mat=5504
  • size=30


  • typ=A
  • array_dist=2


  • area_id=[0, 1, 2]
  • array_dist=2


  • area_id=[4, 6, 7, 8, 10]
  • number=2

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