Use in joinery workshop

In this short blog entry we will talk about, how you can simply start using service for design and production preparation of furniture.


There are several possibilities:


You can use it directly and only for optimalization of cut plans, bill of materials processing, calculation and administration of contracts and orders. This method allows connection of service directly into the workflow, elements can be delivered directly from CSV or entered directly in to interface of service, when adding new elements.



This application allows the use of CAD such as AutoCAD / TurboCAD and supplement it subsequently further for preparation of production.


Direct the design and use parametrical interface for full proposals and manufacturing documentation, outputs of visualization, processing orders. This application requires the higher involvement, which subsequently reflected in the acceleration of drafting and ability to quickly scale design.


The last level is the highest, which already assumes the connection of other applications. Creating larger orders with more complex shapes, making preparation products to special orders and their subsequent re-use for easier preparation. Here, the user can use options to automatically editable fields, processing, use of complex structures and rotation.


Zdeněk Dlauhý - english repost 30-08-2014

Preparation, production, furniture and interiors. Service - prepare technical documentation for furnture production.

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