How to work with user settings

Připravto application for joiners and interior designers is quite adaptable for user needs. It is parametric application which has sometimes more options than it's usually needed by users.

All base options are available on page and they are set for their respectable parts of app. For example for set output and input in CSV text format in settings you can find CSV, where you can set a lot of information about input and output like BIM. Here we will show how it behaves when we will change settings for optimalization. If you want know more about settings contact us on forum.


Do you need to make local backup of settings? You can just copy and paste setting into your favourite text program (Word, Notepad ...) and save it and if you need it just load it and replace contents and use.

Here we can see optimalization settings with LEVEL set to 2 output optim is bellow.

OPTIMALIZATION = {'cut_front' : 15, 'cut_back' : 15, 'cut_left' : 15, 'cut_right' : 15,
                  'cut_thickness' : 4.8, 'NESTING':False, 'LEVEL':2, 'DIRECTION':'AUTO'}

If we would change settings on LEVEL to 1 it would change position of some parts, because it would not put them too deep. This can lead to better performance of machine but to worse panel utilisation. In some case you could change LEVEL on value 0 that optimalization would create just strips.


If you change these settings, it's only for one run on application instance, if you need to have permanent settings, contact us and together we can change it. The new thing is that from version 2-1663 z 15-03-2015 there is new main function. This function can create new settings with set names and save them inside browser and also load them back. More skilled users can use this functionality right away. In next blog entry we will talk more about options and possibility.


Zdeněk Dlauhý 17-03-2015

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