What happend in 2018 and plan for 2019 for furniture production 17-03-2019

For first we would like to thank our users and all others, which give us feedback.


In new year we would like to see that you will still use our service and

Furniture designs and next year 2018 17-12-2017

First, we would like to thank to our users and others who helps with this project for this whole year.


Also we would like to wish you a lot of successes in the next year. We hope to bring further improvements t

Create your Tetris shaped shelves closets 02-02-2017

Pripravto is more than a furniture design app. With Pripravto you can make a lot of things you can imagine, in this case we have done closets and shelves which you can use as furniture parts.


If you are i

Use Pripravto to make your projects quickly - PF 2017 23-12-2016

Thank You for cooperation in this year and we wish You a successful new year. We are happy that You are using service Připravto and by doing so participating in its development.


Important Připravto

What does it mean parametric construction of furniture 19-12-2016

The parametric design is a process based on algorithmic thinking that enables the expression of parameters and rules that, together, define, encode and clarify the relationship between design intent and design response [1]. In parametric design the relationship between elements is used to design complex constructions.


Design of livingroom furniture II 18-12-2016

Hello again!Today we will show you more features which Pripravto has. We will continue with the previous furniture construction.


One of the most important features on Pripravto is the Planview.

Design of livingroom furniture 18-12-2016

In the following article it will be described how we can make the following livingroom furniture.


Firstly, for making any kind of furniture we should start a new order (upper part- right side). In the figure we can se

Design of kitchen kit - part 5 outputs and cut plans 05-06-2016

In previous articles we already made the kitchen design and visualization. Now we are going to see what Pripravto can offer order to construct it.


This article will mostly focus on outputs, which will

Design of kitchen kit - part 3 17-04-2016

In this new article we are going to make the las two cabinets of the kitchen.


This cabinets are quite easy to make and they can be made just in some minutes.


Design kitchen with use of planview 17-04-2016

Hello again!Today I am going to explain how to assemble the kitchen and prepare it for its visualization


Once we had the products we will click on PLANVIEW, then we will be able to see a window with all our products. At first sight t

ocapi 10-04-2016

This is API connector to http://www.pripravto.cz service for furniture makers. You should be able to use it to create your custom designs for furniture, download data and eventually build your partial interface. Connector is built on HTTP GET and POST methods and it uses your account on service.

For this project we are using PyVmMonitor on

Stairs and complete interior designs on Pripravto 25-03-2016

It is already quite a time from when it is possible to create whole construsctions of furniture from windows, doors and other parts.

visualization design of interior with stairs

Well it is true that it is not complete CAD, but some parts ar

Design of kitchen kit - part 2 25-03-2016

In this article wr will explain hot to make the upper cabinet of our kitchen kit.

this shows upper cabinet from pripravto

This product is composed by different elements: basic, backside, doors, shelves, dividers and frame. For construct it we will follow the next steps:

Design of kitchen kit - part 1 25-03-2016

In the following articles we want to explain how to make a full kitchen step by step.


It will be explained the most important options that Pripravto can offer in the procedure of furniture manufacturing. Our objective will be produce this kitch

Design your own kitchen with construction 30-08-2015

This design of kitchen space with furniture. It is show case of usage with shapes for manufacturing, e.g.. diagonal cut on the top of each wall cabinets.


This assembly of kitchen, is made from several separated cabinets like top wall, botto

Design bedroom with other accessories 30-08-2015

Today you can see one nice example of Pripravto outputs, when we were working on bed room with new shapes production and with usage of other products from last time and last blog entry.


As quick showcase product here we have bed, which has itself quite e

Design furniture - oblique office desk 14-06-2015

Hello again, today we will continue with design of furniture, mainly it's office desk with other parts like office cabinet with similar design. This office design will be from more components.


We will make them separately and then mode them and posit

Construction and shape production 27-05-2015

In last days we have spent our time in working on improving our service, ability, to show data, making it easier for users and improving user interface. For most of use-cases, we have solution which works - like design and so on.


Design process on Pripravto

Design and usage of planview for room 23-05-2015

This blog entry was mainly created from last e-mail. It is about how you can create some set up like that and what is included in this kind of room.


Here is list of inserted products from older jobs. Product is inserted into actual order just by cl

Use Pripravto.cz in joinery workshop 20-04-2015

In this short blog entry we will talk about, how you can simply start using service http://www.pripravto.cz for design and production preparation of furniture.


There are sever

Development of Pripravto.cz service and community 20-04-2015

In past we have not written much about development of service and also about possible modifications for users and community. So we will try to fix this a little by this blog entry.

Our target is to make service as best and as useful as it can be for users and joiners all around the world. This journey takes together main developm

How to work with user settings 06-04-2015

Připravto application for joiners and interior designers is quite adaptable for user needs. It is parametric application which has sometimes more options than it's usually needed by users.

All base options are available on page https://pripravto.cz/usersettings and they are set for their respe

Conference table 15-03-2015

Yesterday there was an open day in Epimex http://www.epimex.cz. Companies have presented several machines with wide range from small ones to CNC machines from HOMAG company, software applications of Nexnet and WoodSoftware and even machine for joining and glueing veneers. There was also designing. Here we will go through proc

Ansiblator - why we use Ansible and what is Ansiblator 15-03-2015

Because we are using Ansible for some time, and we are using it mainly inside python, we have planned to make it more easier for our needs. Ansible itself is really good, mainly when used with playbooks, but for our automatic configuration, it was never good, so we have tried Salt-stack and Fabric.

Ansiblator 15-03-2015

Ansiblator - makes Ansible api more Pythonic

This wrapper allows more easier way how to use Ansible in Python. Chain commands without without playbooks. More like Fabric. With this Ansible can be more powerfull and it will allow to chain commands with python commands. Ansible documentation is on .

API is now trying to feel like Fabric, but it's still not complete, there will be some changes.

Table design and plan view 15-03-2015

For our next new table design on Pripravto, we have used just base divisions. Table is made from cube in working space with size of [500,500,500], which is divided into 3 parts by vertical division. For equal division of space without changes to front part, which is usually used for doors, you have to set frontOut

Optimization and cut plans 15-03-2015

For effective furniture production cut plans are nesacary. Optimization of material usage is key from several points of view. From material usage, tool wearing up to time usage and speed of production.

In Pripravto service you can now make cut plans optimization based on information about part. These informations are mainly about sizes, materials, orientation and part thickn

Kitchen, upper cabinets and design 15-03-2015

This blog entry will show us fast way how to create base upper cabinets on Pripravto service. Our goal would be to create set of upper cabinets, which we then should be able to build and construct. As main size we will set [2700, 330, 1000], this gave us a space where we will work.

Fist we should start to set main size, positi

DraftSight and Blender with Připravto.cz 15-03-2015

When using připravto is advantageous and sometimes advisable to use other programs for functionality which is not available in Pripravto. Then combine their capabilities and to help the user create the necessary result. In the case of carpenters or joiners and furniture designers the most important part is the drawing documentation, visualization and als


Preparation, production, furniture and interiors. Service Pripravto.cz - prepare technical documentation for furnture production.

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