Changes in service


  • new menu for plan layout of products in menu Experimental
  • Import materials from CSV
  • update prices of materials from CSV


  • have a pleasant Christmas and nice next year


  • update for transfers to Alphacam
  • new service to Alphacam control


  • new CSV outputs specification
  • new CSV functions specification


  • multi optimalization which is in experimental section


  • testing new settings for camera control inside vizualization
  • system: convert from cython compiled packages back to python packages


  • improvments in main logging mechanisms > it should improve error tracings
  • experimental function - change prices of all materials
  • experimental function - change old material to new one in whole order


  • bugfix of error when vizualization was not using default material when it was not there
  • bugvisualization of products without rotation



  • test server has new option to change prices in whole material database
  • test sever can now change material in whole order without havign to go through all


  • hotbug in add_shelve > which lead to exception, when there is small space and no number of shelves


  • speed: improvments of speed responses from server > decrease of number downloaded objects
  • inerface: show active order with prefix "#"


  • bug: fixining uploads to server > now test server can get properly uploaded data
  • bug: fix of old bug with editation of elements which did not respect quantity


  • test: test before Pragoligna Fair
  • added test server on address
  • speed: testing of fix in BZR module


  • fixinig bugs in several functions
  • improvments in documentation and help



  • fix when backside is used, it was having edges
  • improvments in drawings - you can now specify which part of drawing you want to see
  • more settings for drawings


  • improvments inside module for manufacturing
  • implementation of layers and manfacturing definition
  • series of fixes in documentation and small bugfixes on web


  • fix of bug inside divider function, which would cause wrong calculation of area in some special usage
  • improvements on login and logout page > new stylesheet
  • module for production and manufacturing > now is accesible


  • implementation of class for production and manufacturing into /operations/products/
  • testing case will be available in /operations/products/{}/create_test
  • it will create testing joins such as dowel joint on element inside product
  • new help manual inside in


  • implementation of quick way how to share model between users via /products/convert
  • joints now are visible on images of elements


  • integration of manufacturing into main modules - still unavailable in service
  • testing of joints (dovetails)
  • upgrading connection between creation of product and modifining elements > now parametrized


  • starting changes on production and manufacturig
  • testing connection with AlphaCAM or dxf2gcode
  • bugfixes on XML and JSON read interface /xml/[resource] a /json/[resource]


  • big improvement for user interaction in product creation iterface
  • speed increase when user is using basic parameters
  • new function for edit position of element in product information


  • optimalization new posibility to stack orient elements by width
  • finishing of new JSON format for outputs


  • improvment for PDF output - now we can create RST file more universally
  • slowly trying to use JSON format for more data sources


  • fix of bug when there was old item with self.price as a artribute instead of function
  • small fix of function add_frame which could lead to error when you made fill
  • some other small changes


  • New improvements for quick product creation.
  • Better filtering of product items for vizualisation option NOVIZ
  • Fix of bug in PDF order output, which created wrong material names.

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