Frequently asked questions

Here you can get several answers which you might have about this application, like why it is good, what it can do and also why you should use it!

What is thing good for?

The service is suitable for the preparation, management and creation of technical documentation for furniture production. Also service can be used for contracts management and optimalization, technical outputs, visualization.

What browser I can use use?

Most current browsers allow access to the service without restrictions. We recommend using Firefox. Service is also usable in Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome. In Firefox are available, some interesting features such as the option back in the design without having to restore the object.

What I can create here?

Service is for the preparation of technical and technological documentation and is not directly limited. In the case of Universal variants where the service may directly software Furniture and interior, it is possible to create different design.

How do I log into service?

The address and now you can put your username and your password. Failed login attempts are counted and if the user reaches 10 login failures, site is blocked for access. To make the registration follow main page .

Page on my computer screen or mobile device is small or too large.?

If you have trouble viewing the application, it is possibly to increase or decrease size of app by using buttons [Ctrl] and turn the mouse wheel. Or in the browser menu select View and zoom in or out.

When I see product images, sometimes they appear old or outdated. What to do? Why?

Modern browsers can use speed optimization in the form of so-called Cache memory , which can often view the original image faster. Often in this case you choose the product button and select Update. The second option to update image is to use key [F5] to ensure that the browser performs a forced update of data inside memory.

How can I create a product?

By creating product in +Product and setting parameters. Each inline function for elements in the order they are entering subsequently applied which is then drawn.

What are basic constructions?

  • Kitchen and kitchen objects
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Interiors and office products
  • Various kinds of corpus furniture
  • Living room walls and various other objects box
  • Table furniture, wardrobes and sleeping furniture, beds
  • A further design variant in combination with a Universal application and program Blender

What are main features?

  • Design - furniture and interiors
  • Technological production
  • Automatic drawings in DXF and SVG
  • Calculation of consumption and calculations for products
  • Cut plans and Optimization
  • Bill of Materials
  • Database products, materials and other objects
  • Options for auto-completion and visualization visualization on your PC
  • View 3D preview immediately in
  • Checking multiple parts manufacturing preparation at once

How do I duplicate product ?

This feature has not directly in the system. However, if you make a product and then you will change name > it will create copy. Such as original table to table1 the system creates a new copy of data used in table1. You can also copy product in Planview

How do I convert product to another order?

Individual orders now contains each product specification so when you click on Order then on Products you can transfer them. This access is available via the Products in Orders.

How do I copy/share product from application to another application instance?

Use Share button on product - this offers to make your own template which you can share with your customer or also with colleague.

How do I make fastest corpus / box?

Just click on add_basic and body will be created after. Creating is available to +Product .

How can I make divider?

Insert function add_dividers and through editing apply parameter aray_dist for example. [300,1,1]. It will create three main areas 0,1,2 and first one will have 300mm size first. Second and third will have space to each other 1:1.

How to enter material?

Materials shall be inserted in the id code of the property in the database> therefore for example. 'H1111' is given material. In most places, you can enter this figure simply as H1111, which then would be loaded from library.

Why there are monthly payments? Why not, as with similar software such as the complete basis ie the total cost of the license?

The simple reason solutions through monthly/annual payments is preferable for economic reasons to the user, which enables such company to increase the amount of users in a period of higher contracts and on the other hand, in times of lower demand, reduce costs effectively.

Is it possible to operate the service on the own server?

Yes, it is possible with Enterprise variant, please contact us at

Is it possible to modify individual modules for personal use?

Yes, it is possible with Enterprise variant, which allows these adjustments. For more information, please can contact us at

What is application level? (high-end/low-end)

In preparation, administration and data generation for production and preparation of furniture is already at a good level. In the case of forming products with free construction is suitable such use. Web environment, in combination with the program Blender.

You can use command line client?

Yes a large part of the application is available and in w3m web app.

Is service available in case of business trips / visits to the customer? Can I make some adjustments from a mobile device?

Yes, access and modify data in service is possible also from a mobile device and from another device.

How do I get data from service?

In principle, there are several options. The easiest way is via links CSV / PRINT on individual website. The following are available as well as other data via a partial path /json/. Also is possible to create data for drawings as editable SVG and DXF 2D and 3D DXF. Last but not least, there is the possibility of manipulation through other programs.

What programs are running together?

The service has connection to Blender> and several exports for 3d programs and machines.

You need to read the contract if I want to see data on contract as the Optimization and Calculation?

Not just at the level of orders /orders/ go to order and in its history select the desired calculation / optimization and should be to render the last version. Displayed plans are always the last plans that you can get.

What are the advantages compared to the standard service delivers application?

The efficiency of detection and availability of information in different situations.

How can I work effectively with this service?

For example, it is possible to finish the work in progress on another location of the available mobile device, or create a 2 and more variations of the same contract and simply compare various calculations which are automatically created inside. Alternatively, it is possible to look back for different versions.

How to start using the service?

Getting Started with the application may seem difficult. We recommend to use service first for data management of contracts, for the calculation, optimization, other calculations, database access and formation, or direct processing elements. After you will be more familiar with user interface, it is appropriate to extend use of the application directly to the creation of design furniture directly in the software services

Best practices for this service?

For example. If you want to take advantage of current opportunities and you have a widescreen monitor and a newer operating system, you can try to make the shortcuts and the tabs in the browser with separate windows. This can by improved with 2 tabs where one has desired products and quantities and other by pressing [F5] and update would show immediate changes.

Can I use keyboard shortcuts?

Pripravto currently does not have keyboard shortcuts. However, there are available tricks that can greatly speed up the work. The main key to enter in forms is key [TAB]> that allows you to quickly jump between fields. Combined with automatic saving of data inside of browsers or another automation tools for browser it is possible to create really impressive things. Other suitable key is [F5], which can update the page - eg. changing data.

How service deletes objects?

Whenever user wants to delete objects, a dialog window is shown, where the user confirms or rejects the action.

How can I restore deleted objects?

Deleted objects can not be restored. However, this applies only for usual ways. If there is need it is possible to Restore deleted order and other data from it. The service uses two independent solutions for any need of data recovery, also orders have backups. For more information please contact the support or read more.

How to restore deleted objects?

That depends sometimes you can use simple Control+Z for example in Product Create or planview. When you delete product and you did not save it you can load it back. Also you can try to load backup order. Also products are usually created in orders as backup. If this does not work there is also possibility, to try to replay log or to ask for technical help. Then it is usually possible to get data from backups.

After failed attempts at login, application does not appear. What to do?

Please contact us on support >, prepare your ID number and username.

I like this service. What can I do?

You can make subscription on Subscription page - This will help us to run service and we will be able to improve it.

Preparation, production, furniture and interiors. Service - prepare technical documentation for furnture production.

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