How you can start to use Pripravto

Application will help you with your designs and production preparation for furniture. It is designed for designers, joiners and other users which works with furniture. Main focuse of aplication is make production faster and easier and with actually affordable price. Meanwhile application is trying to also make mistakes harder to appear.

Here is simple and fast walkthrough to start using our Pripravto. For start with using our app, you have to be registred and logged inside.

How to start

Aplication works always with current project/order which contains products and items. Products can be used for visualisations, calculations, optimization of cut plans and for example for 3D models. Products are created by embeding parts to furniture product, which is defined with size parameters and also by parts.

small example how to add furniture template into project

This part is automatized by service and helps with whole design of product inside parametric interface. Service also contains database of materials/items and informations are used for design as well for furnishings.

For making fast entry to application, we provide very well build prepared product templates and planview to make own scene. With predefined materials user is able to use products from templates and easily and fast create outpust and finish project for his customer.

Here is small tutorial how to embed predefined template, make simple change and put it to scene.

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Setup - create project/order, add templates and start outputs for project

  • after user is logged in he can create new Order
  • by creating order data are automatically assigned and stored in order
  • user can go to templates and select template which he likes by clicking on templates or
  • when user chooses his template and clicks on creation of template system will transfer selected template into project
  • then it is possible to go to Planview and create walls to make scene
  • continue with your products and designs
How to create order

In planview it is possible to make main changes of disposition/orientation, create vizualizations or create calculation in form of material inputs, which also creates information for edges/banding. If this is not enough it is possible to create main cut plans for optimization of material requiremnts from parts which are present or create CAM DXF outputs or transfer data to difrent aplication.

Planview - place designs of furniture products and models

  • planview is aplication part where user can directly manipulate with products
  • align products, change orientation and also set sizes, position and rotation of each products
  • to create rooms you can add walls and create whole spaces to put your designs into defined dispositions
  • user can also copy designs or manage groups of products, add camera to set diffrent view angles
  • also it is possible to sort products, see its contents, choose if they should be invisible for current time, snap them to diffrent products
  • basicly it is place to quickly create outputs for your customer
showcase of planview and positionning of products

Create outputs - cut plans, bill of materials, cnc outpus

  • when you are satisfied with result of project, you can export parts as bill of materials - there is plenty of settings to meet diffrent kind of outputs
  • also it is possible to transfer data to CNC machine or some SAW
  • create cut plans by clicking on button Optim or calculation by clicking on button Calc
  • You can see how to make cut plans and panel optimizations
  • options there are predefined and can be edited
  • all created products normally contains these information directly from start so they are usefull to whole production process

This is finish of fast getting started for users. Best way how to learn to use application is to get training or start your own project, so you will be able to quickly adapt and get better.

Preparation, production, furniture and interiors. Service - prepare technical documentation for furnture production.

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