- design, prepare and produce furniture

Professional application for designers, joiners and craftsmen, which works with furniture and interiors.
Make your own design of furniture, create documentation for furniture production and calculation. It prepares cut plans, drawings, visualisations and outputs for CNC machines.

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Properties and features

Prepared templates

Start using service instantly with our predefined templates for furniture, which are completly parameterical. Choose product and you can imediatly use it for your new furniture and also be able to change it.

how you can work with templates

Cut plans, bill of materials and calculations

When you have your prepared design, optimization of cut plans for materials consumption is instantly accessible, even when you change your design - it just needs update. With designs you can also create several different calculations or just make change in your design and compare prices for your customer.

cut plans from furniture

Position furniture and models in scene

You can easily add camera, walls and models of interior appliances. You can copy, change dimensions or rotation of furniture to test different variants of interior design. Also you can view scene in 3D directly.

planview of scene

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Properties and features

Design of parametric furniture

Create and design your own furniture with complete control over design, construction and with fine part disposition in space. Pripravto makes it possible to take different kinds of construction from frame, corpus or even create your own type of part combination and use that for your design.

parametric furniture designer

Automatic visualizations

From created product you can automatically create visualizations on product or on whole project. You can even use it for creating propagation materials for your prospectus.

Drawing documentation

Do you need to change height of shelve or change size of drawer and then redraw your drawings? Our service makes it possible that dimensions are created automatically for shelves, doors and other parts. If you need more and nicer drawings, it is also easy to download part or product drawings for your CAD software.

drawing documentation for small box

Base functions

  • Visualization of scene
  • Parametric construction designer - create your own closet, bed, table, stairs etc.
  • Calculations and bill of materials
  • Database of materials and items

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Extensions and CAD&CAM services

  • Option to transfer data to CNC machines
  • Extensions for special types of products like stairs
  • Database of materials, fittings and other addons
  • Fast overview and informations
  • Fast usage you can start working directly and high amount of preferences
  • Pripravto can be also used directly on mobile platforms

Which furniture I can create?

  • Kitchens with lower and high closets, also wall cabinets with corner cabinets
  • Furniture for bathrooms with special requirements
  • Interiors and office furniture
  • Bed rooms with beds, tables and other types of closets
  • Our service does not make only cabinets, you can create whole different types of constructions

Preparation, production, furniture and interiors. Service - prepare technical documentation for furnture production.

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