Information about Pripravto application

Service is meant to be useful for designers, constructers, joiners and other users which works with furniture. Main target for service is to improve and make production and design of furniture or other parts faster.

Normal workflow in service consits from creating products or parts itself. Then these products are positioned in space. Calculation, cut plan and realistic visualisation can be created right after making firts data. Products are change able by parametric design and you can store them in orders for customers.

In application you can easily change between items, products and focus on improving your desing, fast changes depenging on your customer needs and quickly check material needs and costing, by creating cut plans, detailed by type, material and thickness calculations with eddging support, fittings.

Construction of furniture and application usage

Service overall focus on helping users witch construction of furniter from base closets, kitchens, tables to special designs like wall closets, cabinets, beds and others.

You can create your main design righ on serivice by clicking on + Product, which will lead you in place for product creation. Here you will enter starting sizes, materials, postions, and other parameters. Then you can start making your desing by adding parametric parts into your product. This way you can add desks, frames, socles, shelves, drawers, divide your space and several other actions, which will then create your product. This product consists of several elements, where every element holds information about size, position, orientation and others like production.

These elements are then used to make calculation or optimalization or some nice reports with vizualizations. Also if you want to transfer data to another program you can easily make BOM (Bill of materials) or transfer CAD 2D or CAD 3D data to another program. Order can also contain items from material and item database, which can help with creating complex outputs.

Here is next list of several main application parts. If you need to se some other looks, you can take a look on videos.

Main app usage

  • Create order and customer
  • Create product or elements for this order
  • Change product and specify elements
  • Continuus control of calculation and prices
  • Continuus check of cut plans and material usage
  • Change materials, elements and last check
  • Finish and close order
  • Print finished data as summary, calculations, drawings and cut plans

Overview - manage current project

show overview on order

This is main page where you can see all products in your order, change products, show them, get 3D data, create another outputs, drawings or visualisations. It is base layout in app and it works on whole order. When another order is created or loaded these products are changed. Visualisations, cut plans or calucations and another parts are directly connected to data in overview.

Main environment


Mobile environment

mobil environment

Create product

This is main area where you can create and design new products to current order. Overall principle is easy. Specify base size like width, height and depth, then position, rotation and materials. These main parameters can be improved by adding several specific parameters. Then you can add several other parts into specific area or main area. These parts then automatically by inserted order creates construction. Usually they have 2 main parameters like ID > which is area where you want to insert your product. Then they have something like number, where you can add position or number of objects to be inserted. Every part has also several other parameters, which depends on usage.

create simple box product

Before creating product service itself also checks entered data for potential mistakes. These mistakes are presented to use usually in red markup e.g. when list is wrong or when creating product and area id is wrong or does not exist.

Planview - position products and walls

This part of app is used for product manipulation on whole order. Here you can see your whole order and change product postion, change sizes, copy them to another place, or add walls, camera for another views. Also with camera you can create custom vizualizations wireframes in that directions. Move products to make assembly e.g. kitchens, wall closets etc.

showcase of planview and positionning of products plan view with products

Orders - manage your projects

This is view where you can manage orders and have a look on actual running orders. You can also load or save orders here, delete them or view some historic entries or some products and also attach products from another orders to actual order. In this managment, you can edit them, add notes and data, look on their history, look on calculations, optimalizations.

order overview

Database - manage materials and parts

This is view where you can manage items in database, it is mainly focused on materials, fittings and another parts. You can add new items, change items or delete items. These items are used to make calculations, set materials for vizualizations, or they are used for material sizes in cut plans. You can filter them, add big batch of them with our help or make automatic outputs and data transfers.

Every item can hold prices from more producers also it should be possible to add other data like stocs. They are also used to create imitations in vizualiations.

material database

Production - make CNC outputs

This app will be mostly for transfering data from app to CNC machines, calculation of time requremetns and production usages.

Calculations - mange pricings

Here you can create your own calculations for selected order or for selected product. Calculation is created on material requirements, technical inputs and on data items from database. How calculation is created is controled in usersettings, you can add static options, set how parts are calculated and insert another inputs to elements.

calculation showcase

Optimalization and cut plans

In this area of application you can start creating cut plans, optmize material requiremnts and work with cut plans to see how it would be best to cut your sheets. You can make optimizations based on single product or on whole order, when you hit Optim, it will make optimization request and create it for you. Then you can see sheet sizes, element sizes, materials and edges or shapes on elements. From created outputs you can get material summary with cut length and material usage and scraps.

showcase of cut plans optimization

Other information

You can use app in your normal browser with HTML5 support. We recommend use of Firefox or Chrome. Application is also useable on mobile phones.

Aplication is currently build on several modules and open source libraries. You can use it to make vizualization. For invidual changes in application behavior it is possible to create custom scripts. More information about changes is on

Thus we get the end of short manual. To continue see the documentation in the individual elements, when editing. Or

Preparation, production, furniture and interiors. Service - prepare technical documentation for furnture production.

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