Creating your own material and uploading of data and textures

On Připravto can create custom materials, items and upload textures and images, which allows you to create visualizations eg. with your own appliances, sinks and other parts. To add material with its texture or image, you have to need to upload an image or texture to be added to the server and create a separate material, which is then used in product design.

Creating items and materials

Material creation is done in DATABASE with click on the +Item. Then it opens the window below, where it is needed enter parameters. In this task we will create an entry for the new material. Similarly, we can create an entry for a custom sink that then be displayed in the visualization.

Create your own material - database

Clicking on Upload button file will open the menu for uploading, where you can select a file to be used by selected material (by clicking the Browse). After selecting the file you need to confirm sending to the server, which is done click Send.

Entering the material selection for file upload

Now, when the file is already loaded on the server, you need to enter other parameters for the material. This material can be then used in the product > by applying textures to the selected object. To enter parameters material, it is advisable to choose a name and correct specification. It is appropriate to specify its dimensions if it is used as a model in visualization. If you need calculation price also has to entered for this item.

upload your own textures to Připravto.png

Subsequently, we confirm the creation of the material and then we can already start using the material in the modelling.


If you want to only record data on the server, so that you can do in settings where there is a button Upload.

Item and material specification

Group and type:Select the appropriate type for their own material specification - for example, panel and DTD
Name of material:
 Marking an item - drez_dvojity
Full name:Drez_dvojity (this name will be entered when applying texture eg. The bottom plate)
Dimensions:Approximate or exact dimensions
Prices:If you do not need prices, there is a need to adjust { 'nothing': 0.0}, to avoid counting rates sinks in the calculations. Or you can insert a price sink.
Data:There is a specific setting example for other options
Large:the specification to image /import/drez_dvojity.jpg,
Small:the path to the preview /import/drez_dvojity.jpg
Dae:The path to the part model format DAE /import/drez_dvojity.dae
 Customize spin texture visualization texture eg. The bottom plate)

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