How to create a Bill of materials (BOM) output for cutting with Jafholz and Demos

If you already have constructions ready for production, such as kitchens, and you have parts cut by other companies, such as Jafholz, Demos, Kili, etc., you can simplify the production process reading this article.

A series of different machine outputs are available at ‘Pripravto’, making production fast and efficient. If you need a specific format for a given company, preset options or outputs in CSV format, we can help you. For these purposes, we have prepared a series of preset outputs, which you only select (some need to be specified - such as edgebanding) and you can immediately start generating output for the specific company.

Here is a list of outputs that are immediately available to users. The following text explains their use. Of course, it is possible to prepare various other specific outputs. Contact us if necessary.

Outputs - export data Bill of materials
Jafholz Web Cut YES
Demos new YES
Kili YES
Merick YES
Optimik YES
Other variants Usually yes - consultation required

The procedure is simple > only in User settings, you select the function Preset options. After processing, new preset options should appear in the user settings - for example, for the mentioned suppliers.

Location of usersettings options

User settings contain a large number of options where it is possible to customize a large part of the application's behavior. For example, change the output settings for the CSV text format and adjust it as needed by other programs. If necessary, it is also possible to create your own adjustments. If these edits are useful to other users, you can write us a request, and after reviewing, the change can be incorporated directly into the options.

running presets options

After selecting a given supplier, the user can obtain the output for the BOM output.


If you use Merick or Optimik, it is possible to do direct outputs in a similar way.

How to generate output for Jafholz Web Cut?

activation of export settings
export of BOM

Generated BOM, contains parts, dimensions of the parts, modified gluing settings for individual parts, modified outputs for materials - If they are directly named as the supplier identification number, they can also be used directly in the output.

BOM file as CSV

Bill of materials is visible as CSV file

překopírovaný kusovník z pripravto do přímo do Jafholz

BOM directly inserted into Jafholz Web Cut form

Procedure for generating output for Demos e-shop

Generating output for Demos is basically similar than with Jafholz. In the settings via “Preset options”, the user selects the CSV option and Demos or Demos1. It then confirms the settings and can have the output generated.

selecting output for demos BOM

Výběr a potvrzení varianty výstupu

The new output is adapted for the possibility of ordering directly through the Demos e-shop. It is possible to upload it directly to the e-shop and place the order directly. The output in this format requires that the materials contain information in the DATA about the order number supplier_code_demos (if the setting remains in the default state). This order number is then used instead of the decor number/code in the output. If no order numbers are found, {thickness}_{decor} or {edgebanding}_{thickness}_{decor} will be generated. Based on this, the user can then manually replace all occurrences with a number in Excel (LibreOffice Calc). However, it is advantageous to add it to Pripravto as next time you will have export easier.

The following video shows how to upload new materials that already contain order numbers and then use them for CSV output for Demos.

If necessary, you can still use the original Demos output. This output can be opened in Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc and then you can easily insert the data into a Demos spreadsheet. Procedure for generating part output to Merick. The important information here is that the output for Demos must be converted according to decors, for this reason, the output is sorted by material -> thickness to make it easy to divide the decors. Other decors are on other tabs Form 1, Form 2 and so on.

Procedure for generating partial output to Merick

Generating data for the Merick program is advantageous, especially for existing Merick users, which do not need to deal with a complete transition to Ready yet. So they can create a structure and design for Pripravto, have outputs generated for production, but solve the very part of the cutting plans in the Merick program.

The post is similar to the previous case, just select the output. And if the user wants the total output, then click by BOM or by products and then load the file in the program via the import option.

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