How to design a product assembly

Product is assembly of several parts, which with help of parameters like size, material and other specific informations, creates and defines outcome of design and construction of furniture. From product you can then create visualizations, cut plans for your saw, drawing documentations, calculations, bill of materials or CAM drawings for you CNC. This article talks how to create these products.

Product can be constructed with several ways like:

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Use prepared templates

The most fastest way for starting users -> start using service without need to create your own construction. Use user predefined templates. You can find templates here.

How to put template to current order

You can easily search through templates, find items there by keywords in products. You can also share your created products with your customer or with another with another user. Product is maybe not completely one same with your ideal one but as it is parametric, all templates can be changed. Complete size or parts, thickness of parts, materials, edges on laminated parts or another production information can be change for calculation. Also you can use created templates as way for learn how to make similar construction from another users, get your new ways of making furniture parts, and see how other users use them and see different usecase.

Create your own construction design

This is most effective way for creating furniture constructions. You will use internal parametric designer, which is fast and good for kitchen cabinets, tables, closets and so on. This method is built on top of entering parts to specified spaces, which will create product.

Create simple product

Add directly parts

This way of creating products is one of easiest, but it does not allow any method of parametrization. It is good for for changing parts which you already have or parts which were uploaded via CSV files. On image bellow, you can see that there is only several information, which should be entered like: name, quantity, length, width, thickness, material code, edge banding and item info which is mostly special parameter, where you can add several other parameters.

Enter elements/parts for cut plans optimization

Own templates

Service has also some king of private templates, which are not shared and are automatically created, when user creates products from previously created orders. Main difference is that these templates are, as you have designed your products before, so it is not needed to do it again and they already have correct design. Templates will also save your time, as you will not need to change them or fix them, as they will be already good for next use. For example to create several furniture products like upper kitchen cabinets or lower ones is quite fast, and you can have them for your own designs already constructed. After that you can use Planview and just update your design.

Templates from own orders or projects

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