How to create tetris shelves - divisions and base wood parts

This article is continuation from blog entry, where you can see what can be done directly. In this wiki article we are going to make simple shapes for designed shelves, which you can hang on walls or use them as blocks for build some more complex constructions. Here we use some composite materials, but it is possible to use wooden panels like plywood or bio pannels

T profile


For making this piece, the key idea is the divisions and then just make the shape with the lateral panels:

  1. Set the sizes as we want. In our example 900x600x300 mm (width, high and thickness).
  2. Make a equal horizontal division of the work area id=empty, input=1. The input=1 means an equal division of the area. With this division we obtain two areas (0 and 1). We should set in the wrench key typ : horizontal and part : no. These options will make just the division but parts or elements wont be added.
  3. Add lateral panels on area 0. These are right, left and bottom panel with id=0
  4. Make two equal vertical division in area 1, and number of divisions 2. In this division also is needed set in the wrench key and without part=no. In this step we created the area number 3.
  5. We will add manually the lateral panels on area 3: right, left and top panels with id=3.
  6. Now is needed make a vertical division in area 0. Consequently would be possible set the top parts in the piece sides and the back part in all the piece. This division was set as id=0 and input=[300,1,300], which means that right and left sides will have 300mm and the rest of the area will be the middle part. Important is set the division characteristics in the wrench key, like in the previous steps (typ & part).
  7. Top panels were added to areas 5 and 7.
  8. Back panels were added to areas [3, 5, 6, 7]. Consequently, the back area will be full covered.

L profile


The L profile follows similar procedure as T profile, based on divisions, lateral panels and finally the back panel.

  1. Set the sizes as 900x600x300 mm
  2. Add right lateral panel since we should not divide that part.
  3. Divide work area horizontally. As always we add the division without part and set the horizontal. We obtained two areas 0 and 1.
  4. Add top and left part to area 1.
  5. Divide area number 1 for make the L in two parts, one with 600 mm and the rest of the area. This is written as as [600,1]. The division created areas 2 of size 600 and 3 with rest of size.
  6. Add bottom part to the area 2.
  7. Same as in point 5 we divide the area 0 in two parts with 600mm in the left part and rest of the area in the left part. We created areas 4 and 5.
  8. Add laterals into area 5 (right, left and bottom).
  9. Divide vertically and equally area number 2 (input=1 and configuration wrench key).
  10. Finally, we added back panel in areas 3, 5, 6, 7 to completely seal the area and also to be able to hang it on wall.

Z profile

  1. Set the general sizes 900x600x300mm

  2. Divide two times the area:

    • Divide work area horizontally. With no part and equally with input=1. We obtained two new areas 0 and 1.
    • Divide vertically area 0 and 1. The distances are different for both parts in area 0 input=[1,2] and in area 1 input=[2,1]. This means that one area is 2 times bigger than other. These division created new areas 2,3 and 4,5.
  3. Set the laterals:

    • Bottom, right and left in area 3.
    • Top, right and left in area 4.
  4. Divide areas 3 and 4 for make the 'pick' of the Z. These division is vertical, with no part and with distances input=[300,1] in area 3 and input=[1,300] for area 4. The Z is symmetrical consequently the division should have same distances. With this division were created areas 6,7 and 8,9.

  5. Add top panel to area 7 and bottom panel to area 8.

  6. Finally, like in the previous examples we added back panels in areas 6,7,8 and 9.



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