Product creation

A product is a set of parts which determine the later result of construction of the furniture. This appearance is based on parameters which describe the dimensions, materials and other information. From this it is possible to create visualizations, cutting plans, documentation, etc. for the cabinets and products. In the following text, you will learn more about product variants.

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Product The product can be created in the following ways:

Design of customized construction

One effective way to design products is through internal parametric furniture design. For example, kitchen cabinets, chests of drawers, tables, etc. This design method is based on inserting pre-made elements into a given space.

  • A more detailed description of the structure of the design
simple furniture cabinet

Public templates

This is the best way for beginners. You will be capable of trying out parts of the service without having to design your own product. You can find user-created product templates in our website.

how to add cabinet to order

You can search for the templates clicking on the products. Also, you can share them with other users/customers or forward the link to your customers. The template may not exactly match the requirements of your current order. However, thanks to the parametric design, all templates can be modified. You will change the dimensions, thicknesses, materials, edges and price calculation based on your personal needs. Besides, you will learn new ways to design specific product types from other users' products. Finally, by scrolling through the features, you will learn some more advanced and faster options than those currently in use.

Direct input of parts

This is the simplest method for creating products, but does not provide any parameterization options. It is suitable for resizing parts, processing a BOM for a cutting plan, and processing parts for CSV files. In the picture below, you can see that only some data about the part is entered. For example: designation, length, width, thickness, material code, gluing of individual edges and the item info. Then, it is possible to create a BOM or a cutting plan and calculations from the entered input.

add parts for optimization

Custom templates

Also, you can use products from your previous orders as templates. The main advantage over the public templates is that you can make your own design and settings exactly according to your needs. Then, you will spend much less time making later adjustments. Creating several templates is also a good training for a better understanding of individual functions. For example, you can create individual orders for upper and lower kitchen cabinets, and designing a kitchen is only a matter of a few minutes.

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