How to create furniture parametric product

The application is intended for designers, carpenters, joiners and users who work with furniture. The aim is to enable and simplify the drafting of furniture manufacturing, so to avoid repetition of tasks and data re-use.

The application works with the contract containing products and objects. The products can then be used for generating the visualization, calculation and optimization of the model.

create simple box product

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Templates - predefined designs of furniture

  • templates contains designed parts of furniture which are put into external database and shared by users
  • they can be searched, filtred and they can be shared with users in form of links
  • they contain information about parts and production which are created
  • it is possible to change parametric information such as size, position, materials, edgebanding and others
  • you can use them directly in your project and change their parameters
  • it is also possible to send them directly to your customer by link or by email, so he can see them
  • you can add template into your project by clicking on button Add
  • after that they are already part of project and can be changed to meet needs of customer
How to add template of product into order

Do you want to use service faster or on mobile? It is a web service, use bookmarks, or multiple windows at once to compare and view data. The same also on mobile. Best workflow is possible inside Firefox browser.

Application can be used in 2 different ways. Quickly, in similar manner, as an optimization program Optimik as only for data processing, no drawings and other stuff. The second is a more efficient way of designing products directly via internal application for parametric design furniture - eg. cupboards, drawers and other. This will open several other possibilities such as drawings, visualizations.

Development and construction of simple locker

The drafting and construction works on the basis of the main space, defined parameters, applied objects and space divisions. In areas of product creation, the user can define various parameters, position, basic material and more detailed settings that affect the automated creating objects.


Do you want to create a base section with set size? Just click on the icon basic and subsequently to Create or Fast.

By setting a basic dimension in width, height and thicknesses will set basic area of the product from which other inserted elements subtract space. For example click on the side right > it will inserts into the entire space component, which fills the right side. Setting this panel can be adjusted by clicking on the key icon. Setup displays detailed information and options for this type of object. Eye button uncovers the hidden settings directly on the main page. Button for a new round duplicates current element and inserts it at the end making process. Darts ^ and v allows rearranging order of creation of objects, thus when they create.

create simple box product

To create locker just seven objects is needed. Click on the image to add one object. When you insert an element in the creation indicates 1 or 2 main columns. The first column ID means space in which will element be inserted. Typically, there is None, therefore all the main workspace. Number here may reside in, on the contrary represents the separate space. Space is created using the element Dividers which automatically creates new space by defined parameters calculated from 0. 4 eg spaces [0,1,2,3].

> left side
> right side
> socle
> top part
> down part > also add 'diff' : [0,0,0,0,0,80]

At the top of the top with the click on key and changes the settings for diff and set [0,0,0,0,0,80]. This change modifies the upper soil and move it on 80 units below. In this space we put further horizontal divider.

> divider > 'array_dist': '[1,1,1]' 'typ' :'C'

Now we will determine the division of space entering 3 equal parts > [1,1,1]. This entry is equivalent, as if to give 2 which puts two elements into 3 equal spaces. Type divider is C> horizontal division.


Do you need to divide area irregularly or by diffrent means? You can write [500,1]. numbers higher than 10 are converted to real unit size. Similarly, it is possible determine the ratio 1:2:3 by [1,2,3].

> Doors> 'id': 0, 'defined': 2, 'door_type': 'inside'

The last element, which is needed to insert are inserted into a small doors into space . By inserting doors 2 type id:0. This put doors into lowest area.

Now you can click the Create button or quick ly. It will move us to to an overview of the products and continue to calculate, optimize or visualization.

Complete data for cabinet


  • size=[800, 270, 1180]
  • rotation=[0, 0, 0]
  • position=[0, 0, 0]
  • mat=H3702






  • diff=[0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 80]


  • typ=C
  • array_dist=[1, 1, 1]


  • area_id=0
  • number=2
  • door_type=INSIDE

Creating complex table

The following notation will show you the basic table creation. This entry is a little longer and more difficult. It demonstrates the use of divider. It will create a top plate, form the basis of design for the foot plate and subsequently split area and insert drawers.



  • size = [1200, 600, 850]
  • material = 1738

top part

  • size = 25


  • material = 162
  • insert fill = no
  • width = 45
  • planes = [0, 1]
  • diff = [10, 10, 10, 10, 0, 0]
  • thickness = 30
  • order = [0, 1, 3]


  • material = 162
  • Paste filling = no
  • Width = 45
  • planes = [5]
  • diff = [10, 10, 10, 10, 0, 0]
  • thickness = 30
  • order = [2,3]


  • part = no
  • array_dist = [20, 2, 1, 2, 20]


  • diff = [0, 0, 0, 50, 300, 0]
  • id = 1


  • id = 1


  • drawer_typ = inside
  • id = 1
  • number = 2

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