Cutting plan and labels on parts with CNC machine

Pripravto contains cutting plans with labels for furniture parts.

labels on parts

Labels have the great advantage of containing information that, otherwise, would not be on the part. For example: order name, part name, edge-banding information, bar code for CNC, orientation drawing or your own notes for the operator.

In the past, users printed labels on A4 sheets and then sticked them to the pieces. But this process was very slow and time consuming. The current label outputs are adapted for printing one label at a time. This is suitable for use with a saw without the need to print labels in advance. The order of the parts is determined by the cutting plan. The labels can be printed during cutting by clicking on the part. This eliminates the need to search through a sheet of labels and also reduces the risk of the sticking label to another part.

Basic procedure for using labels

  • project/order creation with products and parts
  • setting label dimensions
  • create a product with the necessary settings
  • cutting plan processing and optimization
  • opening a specific plan and activating the labeling mode
  • then the user can print the required label by clicking on the part or clicking print, using keyboard
  • putting sticker on part

Preparation and printing of labels


If you use Firefox/Chrome(Kiosk mode), it can be set to print automatically. Contact support for set it up.

To prepare labels, you need to have an active order. On this order, the user creates an optimization (cutting plan). Then you can click on the created cutting plan and can display the current list of labels in it. Labels are generated based on settings - paper size, number of rows and columns, margins, spaces, and more. They are available not only for each cutting plan but also for specific products or the entire order. Also, the user has the option to print them when cutting one by one. All you have to do is have a tablet with Windows10 and USB, connect a small printer and click in Pripravto to print a label for that part.

printing labels

For this functionality, we have prepared a solution that we can install directly at your place, please contact us. You need a WiFi connection and an electrical socket at the sawing machine and a free USB port on the CNC machine for a barcode reader. The label printer can be put into operation for a cutting center as well as for an ordinary formatting saw.

The original option to print labels forward on an A4 sheet is still functional. For that you need a regular printer. However, it has several disadvantages. For example, it is not easy to reprint only one specific label, the order of the labels doesn't have to be in the cutting order, the given label hard to search, it is time-consuming and much more.

Sticking labels for the parts also helps reduce manufacturing errors. Simplifies control of part dimensions, finding the right part and giving the production a certain order.

Machining on a CNC machine

For production on a CNC machine, you have several options how to proceed with production.

Manual loading of each program is slow and the operator can load another program.

The use of production lists has the great advantage that the machine loads other's programs. Thus, the operator has an overview of which parts are already machined or which are still missing.

However, this is also a disadvantage because the generated list has a given order of machined parts. And inserting parts in a different order is problematic. Some machines allows change of order and can take diffrent parts inside.

Loading programs using a barcode reader solves the problem of loading the wrong program and inserting parts out of the list order.

If the user uses labels that are attached to individual parts, it is then possible to considerably speed up the program search. Also, would be possible the loading of parts via the barcode reader. We use CODE128, which is sufficiently tested, and supported by barcode readers.

Barcode readers have several options: They usually connect to a computer via USB or serial port. The barcode reader itself can also be wireless.


Pripravto supports label printing in parallel with production. We offer delivery and installation of the necessary equipment for commissioning in your workshop as well. Please contact us for more information.

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