Inclined wardrobe and attic constructions

In the Basic and Profi versions of Pripravto, it is possible to make inclined constructions.

inclined cabinet with doors

The main advantage is that much faster while maintaining the possibility of adjusting chamfers/angles and other parts with the possibility of applying joints and machining. Furnitures for attics are, for example, constructions of wardrobes or storage spaces. Due to the use of space in the attic, they are also sloping. In the past, it was not easy to create sloping structures and sloping cabinets for attics. The user was able to make a sloping structure over the areas and finish them manually. Previously, Pripravto did not include features for an easy trimming of shapes according to a sloping board. But, the new function that Pripravto includes allows you to influence the entire construction of the cabinet, including the sloping board, doors or partitions, from the shape to the back plate.

A common current procedure is to use an inclined plate in the area (area_id), and then cut the individual parts through the inclined cut, based on the distance. The new procedure uses DV Trim and automatic areas with the function Shape Areas. It's much faster and easier. At the same time, it allows more complex shapes and procedures. The following figure shows the application of the Shape Areas function to a part that has a slope shape. Areas will be created according to the individual parts of the shape. It is possible to insert parts such as the bottom plate, the left plate and others into these areas.

crationg of areas from shape

Also, you can also insert an inclined plate into the area, which will create an inclined part. This part connects the top plate to the side plate and, automatically, adapts to the dimensions of the inclined cut. After creating the basic structure, you can insert additional parts. When inserting doors and partitions, it is advantageous to use automatic trimming of doors and partitions. This function after selecting manually the sloping plate, will find automatically the appropriate partitions. On these parts, they will then try to cut according to the inclined plate and, automatically, shorten the partitions. Manual adjustments will be possible to do to the length of the parts via the input (If there is no adjustment in some places, as needed).

The following video shows the basic procedure for a sloping cabinet.


  • Pripravto currently does not have an automatic function for a joints of such connections. The user can make the connection manually.
  • If required, it is possible to make a new macro for these operations, such as sawing and sawing or clamping where two parts will be joined.

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