How to make cut plans on Pripravto - optimize material panel usage

In addition to visualization, calculations, drawings and bills of material of your designed furniture Připravto also provides the ability to view possible distribution of parts directly on sheet. Thus it allows you to optimize the material consumption of flat panels. To use this feature, you must have a current contract product containing planar elements - elements. Furniture - with product they can either create their own custom desings and parts. or use public templates . Also it is possible to use already prepared contracts and just enter parts manually via or BOM import a CSV file.

How to create an optimization from product

creating the slicing of the housing plan

To create cut plan in most cases it is sufficient to simply click on the button Optim on product-level, which will optimize the product directly.

Individual variants optimization

Creating custom design furniture Using public templates Připravto Use custom has developed products of contracts Direct entry panels

If there are elements in the job, click on Optim and algorithm starts generate plans for cutting sheets of panels, thereby forming a list of the individual parts in project with the correct dimensions for cutting. Dimension elements for cutting the overall size of components without parameter correction the edges, which can be set for specific edge or a change in the material. Value correction includes both thick edge technology and extremely. For example, for ABS edge thickness of 1.5 mm for which we mill the base material thickness 0.6 mm, enter the value correction 1.5 to 0.6 = 0.9. This value is subtracted from the size of components, such as 600x200 panel edging along the length of one side will have a dimension 600x199.1 for cutting, the cut with 0.6 mm in width and 198.5 edges by adding 1.5 mm to get back to 600x200mm. The following is drawing boards to display the user can prepare data for cutting center, CNC nesting and Other outputs. Data are transferred to the user and will appear already resulting page that looks like the following figure

Overview and cutting plans in Připravto

Simple overview contains a list of important information about the optimization of the number and area all parts or the plates and the number and total length of the cuts. Which are common parameters on which depends the price of production.

Another important section, which does not always appear, is parts not included in optimization. As the name suggests it shows the parts - were skipped because of either undefined material or their dimension is larger than the maximum size for a given material after counting first cuts.

In material overview are the statistics for each material separately. The list contains records of individual boards optimization - cutting plans. Clicking on the name plate opens a detailed overview of the board and cutting plans. The last survey on cut plans detailed overview that shows statistics for the entire optimization of individual components, and cuts waste.

Setting cut plans

optimize directions

  • AUTO - direction of stacking strips is determined automatically - selects the X or Y according to the maximum dimensions of the parts and panel
  • X - cutting plan with strip width along the grains (length of panel)
  • Y cutting plan with the width of the strips perpendicular to the pabel direction (panel width)
cutting plans in the X direction
  • variation in X
cutting plans in Y direction
  • variation in Y

level of recursion <int>

  • 0 base ordering parts of one strip can only be the same size
cutting plans with a maximum level of immersion 0
  • 1 if strip is part of it will be used with smaller dimensions
cutting plans with maximum levels of nesting 1
  • 2 if strip Level 1 is inserted in another part with a smaller dimension
cutting plans with maximum levels of nesting 2
  • 3 + analogy to the next level, there is no difficulty cutting usually too high
cutting plans with a maximum level of immersion 3

definition of basic material

[[2800,2070,18],999] - [[length, width, thickness],Stock]

use the calculated size

  • yes - size parts changes the correction Edge
  • no - size panels will remain unchanged

first cuts

  • front cut - minimum dimension along the length front cut[mm]
  • back cut - minimum dimension along the length rear part [mm]
  • left cut - minimum dimension from left cuts [mm]
  • rigth cut - minimum dimension from right right [mm]

sectional thickness

  • cut thickness - thickeness of cut saw

output type

  • SVG - to display the web browser or downloaded to a PC
  • DXF - to record in CNC processing or CAD software


  • yes - suitable for printing on paper or stickers/labels
  • no - suitable for presentation

use nesting

  • yes - milling CNC - draws elements without cuts
  • no - for common cutting

use shapes

  • yes - draws in part through cutting plans for cutting their shape
  • no - does not render preview shaped parts

Připravto is suitable for quick and simple furniture design with a direct link to the production process. It can be very fast, with current orders within 1 second, reflect changes from design to material consumption and change the ratio between the spent and waste material. If you require special processing of cut plans and their outputs for machines.

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