Price list and types of services

Pripravto service is based on a monthly subscription. The following table shows the options and uses of the service. For example, for creating a cabinet, chest of drawers or layout design such as a kitchen, shop design Pripravto is the solution. In this article you will learn the basic differences and uses of versions. If you need more information that is not available here, please contact us.

When 12 months are ordered, you will receive 3 months for free. A price and budget calculator is available in the application. Do you need a connection to an e-shop or production automation? Write to us about the Enterprise variant.

More services - individual prices

  • Training - providing training for the production and design of furniture
  • Technical support - via email, telephone, remote technical support
  • Programming of extension functions
  • Connection to the information system
  • Connection of CNC machines and cutting centers
  • Implementation of the Pripravto for Production System
  • Preparation and change for using Pripravto in specialized production

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Monthly subscription and app version

Basic - Basic version for carpenters

Contains basic design features. This is already a version for quick production preparation. It contains a plan view for product placement.. Wit this version, the user will be able to use designs from templates, models or their own orders. With the order management, the user can easily switch between different projects and order their work. Alternatively, it is also possible merging orders and adding proposals from others. Finally, creating optimization plans from cutting plans, which also contain information about edges or other settings.

Profi - professional version for furniture production

This version contains everything included in the Basic version. However, this version is designed for the production and processing of orders, for example in an automated way. This version allows you to use the API for custom editing - custom programming. It also contains better versions of outputs for CAM programs or DXF machining like export to machines.. It contains further improved outputs. Those are reports with automatic visualization for products and batch processing of parameters for products. This version also includes additional services for other machines and programs.

Other services - individual price list

If you are interested in connecting to the information system, orders or e-shop, please contact us.. Pripravto can make the connection directly. Individual adjustments are then individually valuated. For communicating with IS or another system, it is necessary to use the Enterprise or Profi version. We also make training and preparation of materials for production. Also, we can make special modifications for a specific type of products.

Technical support - help with setting up and using the application

The subscription also includes technical support or solutions to several issues. As part of technical support, we deal with help in the usage of the application or help with specific issues. We are able to help by phone, email - contact and remote desktop/administration options. Through a specialized client, we can connect directly to you via Internet. Then, we will advise on settings, or directly influence the resulting behavior. Technical support concerns both the construction of furniture - such as how to make a table-top or set the gluing of the tops, adjust the calculation. In addition, the technical settings of the outputs, transfer to machines and similar.

Training for furniture design and processing of technical documentation

If you are serious about furniture design, and you want to create documentation for the production department in excellent quality. Or, maybe, you do not want to start using the program with the method try and fail, we offer user training at your company. We divide the training into several parts:

Training - basic use

  • usually 1 to 2 days, focusing on the basics of work,
  • data processing,
  • simple furniture designs,
  • use the plan view and create a scene
  • visualizations and their settings
  • BOM and basic outputs

Training - extended use

  • 1 to 2 days, custom program settings,
  • preparation of own production, parameterization,
  • optimalization,
  • calculation,
  • entering materials and items

Training - advanced furniture designs

  • 2 days, use of application design functions,
  • creating advanced construction,
  • special construction, creating your own construction
  • product design settings specification

Training - custom application programming

  • 2 days, primarily for advanced users
  • Pripravto for using the production control and similar

Training - special course

  • length by agreement, usually specified by the user
  • for example, designs of wardrobes, kitchens, beds and similar.

Usually, 1-2 days are enough for common use in the manufacture of furniture for laminated chipboard or similar composites. For a training for advanced level, we recommend extend the basic course and working with the program daily for about a month. To order a training, the user must be 'logged in' and order a training in the app in the purchase section. If necessary, we will issue a training certificate.

Programming of extension functions

It often happens to our users that they need to change the behavior of the program. Also, they must provide some specific input, specific output and connection to the information system and similar. We usually solve these tasks by finishing our own modules for the given customer. In this case, the number of programming days can be determined, and usually the contents are agreed according to the customer needs.

Preparation, production, furniture and interiors. Service - prepare technical documentation for furnture production.

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