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Pripravto has been designed for a fast and efficient processing of furniture production. This is very related to the possibility of quick handling, changing and usability in various situations. For this reason, Pripravto contains a large number of keyboard shortcuts and simplifications for its manipulation. The following text describes the most important keyboard shortcuts.

Planview and layout

W A S D | ↑ ← ↓ → > movement with the selected product (products) in steps / or stretching in extrude mode in steps

E > activation and deactivation of extrude mode - stretching mode

R > rotate product(s) step by step

H > hide / show product (s)

X Y Z > lock / unlock the selected axis for manipulation

L > lock / unlock the selected product (s)

Tab > skip to next entry - adjust product dimensions / positions

Control + H > show all

Shift + H > hide everything

Control + D > duplication of product (s)

Control + S > save all products

Control + Z > return the product (s) to the original saved state

Control + X | Delete > delete product (s)

Shift + W A S D > align products in a given direction

Shift + X Y Z > spread products horizontally / vertically

Product design and preparation

W S | ↑ ↓ > move the selected function in order

E > open the selected function for editing

Delete > delete the selected function

Enter > close and save the changed function

Tab > skip to next entry in function editing

Shift + Tab > return to the previous entry in the function editing

Esc > close function without saving

Control + Space > turn on / off the selected function

Control + C > copy function even between products

Control + Y > splits the Startup function into subsections if it is a Startup

Control + V > insert the copied function even between products

Control + Z > return to the last saved product (can be repeated)

Control + S > save product and restore data / drawing

Control + E > if the user is in the open function he can select the input from the drawing (parts / areas / geometry)

Direct input of parts:

Control + Space > copy the record from the top row

Tab > skip to next cell

Shift+Tab > back to the previous cell

Other parts of the application

Control + F > search something in a report

Esc > exit input

Control + Z > if the user is on input> returns the original value

Editor and code editing

Control + Z > return write

Control + F > search in code

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