Transfer production to CNC machine Homag a Weeke via Pripravto and WoodWOP

Připravto currently has postprocessor for WoodWOP, which allows direct connection to machine.

transfer data from pripravto WoodWOP CNC

In this article you can learn how to trasfer machining from Pripravto to your machine. So as stated in start for pass data for production to CNC machine HOMAG or Weeke. You do not need anything like another CAM program or DXF. If you have account Profi you are now able to use command in Settings > Addons > cnc_woodwop_export. This allows you to choose if all products or just selected product should be transfered to MPR format for WoodWOP. These machines are quite common for joinery bussines, so it is quite simple to prepare outputs for them. Common machine names are BHX or Venture.

Here you can see how to easily transfer data from prepared data to production. Also video shows you how to open that NC generated code directly in WoodWOP.

We support all base operations, like shapes, making drilling, cuts or cuts to sides of parts. Generated program is native and it is possible to directly change it in machine. Program is generated for every part separated as most parts are unique. If your machine contains barcode scanner it is possible to use it directly from pripravto for searching for part in directory. Parts are named as parts in product.

How to trnsfer machining into WoodWOP

For transer data to WoodWOP it is needed product which have parts, with drilling, shapes or some groove cuttings. With this prepared, you can directly start export of selected product or whole order to one zip file.

  • checks sizes and machining operations,
  • add drilling or specifics for tools,
  • go to usersettings > addons > cnc export woodwop
  • select your product or all
  • application with now start with export > create zip file for you
  • file contains each parts, as they are in Pripravto service
  • transfer it directly to machine via Flash disk, USB stick or by shared network folder depending on your usecase

Check part sizes and machining

preparation of part and control of sizes

Settings and choose addons

settings and addons where you can choose woodwop export

Start woodwop export

Runing export to woodwop Settings of woodwop export from pripravto

Open NC code from Připravto directly in woodwop

Open NC code from Pripravto directly in WoodWOP

After finishing export, just take your files and transfer them to machine folder. WoodWOP sometimes requires to save files in C:/MACHINE/A1/ > ml4 folders, depeding on locations of these folders. This version export was tested on WoodWOP 5,6, 6.1 and should work also on 7. If you need some information, use contact page.

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