Scene planning in the Planview of Pripravto

In this post, we will explain how to use the Planview in Pripravto.

zpracovani pudorysu a manipulace

The Planview contains a floor plan view, in which you can add and place walls and furniture. Freely modify it and change the view for visualization. In the planview, it is possible to switch to the front view, side view, 3D ISO metric display and the view captured by the camera. It is also possible to create a visualization from the desired scenario or freely navigate in 3D. This guide will help you get started in the plan view.

ukazka pracovniho prostredi

The planview speeds up the manipulation of products, the assembly and the entire scene. The following is a basic description. When working with products, it is possible to use a selection of multiple products. It is possible to change them all at once or modify their material, both structural and front. With this step, it is possible to adjust the resulting view of the scene and create different variants (copies with different material).

The arrows in the upper left corner are used for navigation (panning) in the plan view and + and - for zooming out. The cube above these elements is used to select the displayed view. It can be selected from the plan view, front view and side view.

In the Planview window you will find this menu of tools. The detailed explanation of individual functions in the following lines:

pudorys scena

Above the Planview there are groups of functions that are used to work with products. In the first group (with blue labels) there is the first function "change the order of products according to position." This function is used to display the marked products according to their location in space (especially in the Z axis). Another feature is: "show all products," which it is used to showing hidden products (which have been hidden, for example, for a better side view). The last function in this group is "saving changes in all products," which is a function used to save changes in all products. To prevent the placement of products in space, tools with dark red labels are used. This allows to move products in the X and Y axes, resize them using the W, S, A, D keys and rotate products. There is the possibility of adding a camera (which can be used to adjust the visualization). Also, we can add walls and various products from the database (these tools are marked in purple) to the scene. Those can be used for increasing the quality of visualizations.

On the right side of the screen, there are tools for working with one or more products. Tools (with green labels) are used to work with one selected product or wall. Clicking on the button "edit current product" it will open a window for creating and editing the product. Clicking on the second button "information about the current product" will display a bill of materials (BOM) of the selected product. The remaining tools can be used to customize one or more products. The first button "move product to background" is used to move products to the bottom layer. The second button is used to return all changes to the original state. The third button is used to hide selected products. And the fourth button it is used to lock products. The last group of tools is used to work with one or more products and walls (marked in red). The first button is used to delete the selected product. The second button it is used to copy its products. And the third button is used to save changes to the current product. The button turns red on any change. Saving must be performed to process changes and different kinds of updates.

Automatic snapping and alignment also simplifies working in the plan view. Snapping and alignment occur between individual products or to the raster that is shown in the floor plan.

vizualizace sceny

Keyboard shortcuts

When working with a plan view, it is possible to speed up your work by using the keyboard shortcuts.

The selected product can be moved in 10 mm increments with the W, S, A, D keys or via the arrows on the keyboard. You can adjust the size of the steps with the Shift slider. It is also possible to rotate the product using the R key. Pressing the X key activates the offset restriction on the X axis only, pressing the Y key on the Y and Z axes. Pressing the E key activates the resize function, which is done with the W keys. (+ size in Y), S (- size in Y), A (- size in X), D (+ size in X). In this case, it is very much appreciated that the products which are created in Pripravto are parametric. In many programs there are changes in the thickness of the elements when they are manipulated. After pressing the ctrl key, the rotation is changed when using the R key. To change the view from the floor plan to the front view, use the U key (which also switches back to the floor plan) and the side key I to view. The middle mouse wheel is used to zoom in, zooming out (turning backwards) and moving with the plan (when pushing and holding the wheel).

After right-clicking on the plan view (raster field), a menu will be displayed. In this menu you can choose from the following options: "Show, hide, select, views and print". Here, you can show, hide and select individual products, entire groups of products, items and the camera. It is also possible to select the displayed view and set the print.

Visualization and 3D

To generate scenes you can use the Render and 3D buttons. When you click the Render button, the scene is visualized according to the currently used settings. This may be useful for fine-tuning the visualization view. Once created, the view will appear in a small window below the buttons. You can enlarge it by clicking on it.

Clicking the 3D button will load the entire scene that you can explore.


With the help of the plan view in Pripravto, in very short time you can get a very good-looking visualization. It is also possible to make product modifications with a few clicks and precisely change the layout of individual products.

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