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Inclined wardrobe and attic constructions 14-11-2020

In the Basic and Profi versions of Pripravto, it is possible to make inclined constructions.

inclined cabinet with doors

The main advantage is that much faster while maintaining the possibility of adjusting chamfers/angl

Cutting plan and labels on parts with CNC machine 14-11-2020

Pripravto contains cutting plans with labels for furniture parts.

labels on parts

Labels have the great advantage of containing information that, otherwise, would not be on the part. For example: order name, part

Product creation 14-11-2020

A product is a set of parts which determine the later result of construction of the furniture. This appearance is based on parameters which describe the dimensions, materials and other information. From this it is possible to create visualizations, cutting plans, documentation, etc. for the cabinets and products. In the following text, you will learn more about produc

Video help 14-11-2020

This entry contains video tutorials, with detailed examples of the functionality of the app. Please, contact the technical support if you are interested in some specific application and we will discuss the options. We can upload a video adapted for your needs, which will show a sample of the use. The individual parts of the app are shown in the video below where you can see simple product creation. You can also b

Information about Pripravto application 14-11-2020

Service is meant to be useful for designers, constructers, joiners and other users which works with furniture. Main target for service is to improve and make production and design of furniture or other parts faster.

Normal workflow in service consits from creating products or parts itself. Then these products are positioned in space. Calculation, c

Transfer production to CNC machine Homag a Weeke via Pripravto and WoodWOP 14-11-2020

Připravto currently has postprocessor for WoodWOP, which allows direct connection to machine.

transfer data from pripravto WoodWOP CNC


Price list and types of services 14-11-2020

Pripravto service is based on a monthly subscription. The following table shows the options and uses of the service. For example, for creating a cabinet, chest of drawers or layout design such as a kitchen, shop design Pripravto is the solution. In this article you will learn the basic differences and uses of versions. If you need more information that is not available

How to create a Bill of materials (BOM) output for cutting with Jafholz and Demos 09-11-2020

If you already have constructions ready for production, such as kitchens, and you have parts cut by other companies, such as Jafholz, Demos, Kili, etc., you can simplify the production process reading this article.

A series of different machine outputs are available at

Keyboard shortcuts and quick controls of 04-11-2020

Pripravto has been designed for a fast and efficient processing of furniture production. This is very related to the possibility of quick handling, changing and usability in various situations. For this reason, Pripravto contains a large number of keyboard shortcuts and simplifications for its manipulation. The following text de

Scene planning in the Planview of Pripravto 04-11-2020

In this post, we will explain how to use the Planview in Pripravto.

zpracovani pudorysu a manipulace

The Planview contains a floor plan view, in which you can add and place walls and furniture. Freely modify

How to create furniture parametric product 24-03-2020

The application is intended for designers, carpenters, joiners and users who work with furniture. The aim is to enable and simplify the drafting of furniture manufacturing, so to avoid repetition of tasks and data re-use.

The application works with the contract containing products and objects. The products can then be used for generating the v

How to design a product assembly 04-09-2017

Product is assembly of several parts, which with help of parameters like size, material and other specific informations, creates and defines outcome of design and construction of furniture. From product you can then create visualizations, cut plans for your saw, drawing documentations, calculations, bill of materials or CAM drawings for

How to make cut plans on Pripravto - optimize material panel usage 04-09-2017

In addition to visualization, calculations, drawings and bills of material of your designed furniture Připravto also provides the ability to view possible distribution of parts directly on sheet. Thus it allows you to optimize the material consumption of flat panels. To use this feature, you must have a c

Creating your own material and uploading of data and textures 27-03-2017

On Připravto can create custom materials, items and upload textures and images, which allows you to create visualizations eg. with your own appliances, sinks and other parts. To add material with its texture or image, you have to need to upload an image or texture to be added to the server and create a separate m

How to create tetris shelves - divisions and base wood parts 02-02-2017

This article is continuation from blog entry, where you can see what can be done directly. In this wiki article we are going to make simple shapes for designed shelves, which you can hang on walls or use them as blocks for build some more complex constructions. Here we use some composite materials, but it is possible

Registration 22-08-2016

Well, if you want to start to use it, you will need to make registration. It consists from 2 main steps and verification with email and sms.

  • first part is about email, actual year and then confirmation of registration code from email
  • next user will write some information like telephone, place, name etc.
  • and after, he can receive SMS with verification code after th

Preparation, production, furniture and interiors. Service - prepare technical documentation for furnture production.

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